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I <Speech_Female> know it is and it's <Speech_Female> probably not super <Speech_Female> far from his family <Speech_Female> and not super expensive. <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> No, it's very nice. <Speech_Female> It's off Richmond. <Speech_Female> Yeah. <Speech_Female> Okay, <Speech_Female> she <Speech_Female> wants to be a wedding planner <Speech_Female> and he's like, <Silence> well, <Speech_Female> you're pretty <Speech_Female> bad at English and <Speech_Female> he said that she doesn't <Speech_Female> quote right <Speech_Female> or speak English, <Speech_Female> okay, <Speech_Female> I don't know about her writing <Speech_Female> skills cuz I've never seen <Speech_Female> a paper <SpeakerChange> that she's <Speech_Female> done right, <Speech_Female> but she <Speech_Female> doesn't speak English. <Speech_Male> See, I thought he said she <Speech_Female> didn't write or read English. <Speech_Female> See, that <Speech_Female> is way different. <Speech_Female> Okay, I know he said <Speech_Female> speak with Matt <Speech_Female> has done for you. Okay, <Silence> because <Speech_Female> okay, <Speech_Female> he's the way he <Speech_Female> says it. I don't <Speech_Female> like it. I don't like <Speech_Female> his delivery but <Speech_Female> I kind of get <Speech_Female> what he's <Speech_Female> saying. Totally. But <Speech_Female> he's like being a jerk <Speech_Female> like a jerk. <Speech_Female> Yeah, he's being a <Speech_Female> jerk. <Speech_Female> Do you think? <Speech_Female> Yeah, <Speech_Female> that being <Speech_Female> a wedding planner <Speech_Female> during a pandemic <Speech_Female> is like, <Speech_Female> do you think that's really the time to <Speech_Female> break into wedding plan? <Speech_Female> Probably not thinking no <Speech_Female> way Jose. <Speech_Female> I'm just saying so <Speech_Female> he <Speech_Female> said that she's also going to destroy <Speech_Female> someone's <SpeakerChange> wedding like <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> now we're going to. That's <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> me, and he's just <Speech_Female> being mean now. Also <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> no one's having a wedding <Speech_Female> to plan, so just <Silence> say yes <Speech_Female> above. Right. <Speech_Female> But also, you know, <Speech_Female> it's a battle of wills. <Speech_Female> He's also tired <Speech_Female> of hearing about <Speech_Female> you. He won't leave the farm. <Speech_Female> He won't leave the farm. He's <Speech_Female> obsessed with his mom. <Speech_Music_Female> After a while, I'd be like <Speech_Female> a few to, <Speech_Female> you <SpeakerChange> know, she's <Speech_Female> very annoying. <Speech_Female> She is annoying. But <Speech_Female> I would say, like, okay, <Speech_Female> well, you should get the wedding <Speech_Female> planner job. <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Sure. <Speech_Female> You should buy a house <Speech_Female> <Speech_Male> and, you know, just <Speech_Male> like she insinuates <Speech_Male> I'm going to do it with or without <Speech_Female> you. <Speech_Female> Okay, cool. Yeah. <Speech_Female> Okay. <SpeakerChange> I like, <Speech_Female> don't threaten me <Speech_Female> sure. <Speech_Female> Let's just <SpeakerChange> see. <Speech_Female> Let's just see what happens. <Speech_Female> Yeah, <Speech_Female> he <Speech_Female> said he's, she's not fluent <Speech_Female> in English <Speech_Female> and he's <SpeakerChange> being like pretty <Speech_Female> nasty though. <Speech_Female> Yeah, <Speech_Female> I think he's dead drunk, <Speech_Female> but <SpeakerChange> not that. That's <Speech_Female> an excuse. But I'm saying <Speech_Female> he's strong. <Speech_Female> So now she, <Speech_Female> he asked about her <Speech_Female> sushi sushi. <Speech_Female> And she shares <Speech_Female> it with him <Speech_Female> and she's like, see, I support <Speech_Music_Female> you not like <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> home. So <Speech_Female> whatever, she's going to leave, <Speech_Female> she's going to buy a house. <Speech_Female> She's <Speech_Female> mad. He <Speech_Female> wanted to be realistic. <Speech_Female> She says he's too realistic. <Speech_Female> It's like <Speech_Female> okay. I don't know if that's a bad <Speech_Female> quality but okay. <Speech_Female> No. I think that <Speech_Female> I don't <Speech_Female> know. They have to have better plan <Speech_Female> than this but like maybe <Speech_Female> drunk in Vegas <Speech_Female> isn't when you <Speech_Female> like have a little chat Ipoh <Speech_Female> about. Yeah, I don't think this <Speech_Female> is when you make life decisions. <Speech_Female> I think that <Speech_Female> they need better communication <Speech_Female> skills. And I've <Speech_Female> also <Speech_Female> have better Communications <Speech_Female> phone, not think <Speech_Female> that you did chew because <Speech_Female> we've been using better help <Speech_Female> online counseling. <Speech_Female> It's <Speech_Female> amazing because you <Speech_Female> can use better hop <Speech_Female> online counseling <Speech_Female> anywhere you are. <Speech_Female> So, <Speech_Female> like, if I was in <Speech_Female> Vegas, <Speech_Female> poolside, <Speech_Female> way I can <Speech_Female> do a session with my counselor <Speech_Female> via text <Speech_Female> via phone. <Speech_Female> I could have a video <Speech_Female> chat, I <Silence> could do it on the farm, <Speech_Female> I <Speech_Female> graduate in Richmond, Virginia. <Speech_Female> It <SpeakerChange> doesn't even <Speech_Female> matter. <Speech_Female>

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