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Accomplish absolutely well andrea thank you so much for coming on and kinda describing this exercise in space and i mean i'm taking some of the lessons learned from from the astronauts and just the idea of we'd we didn't touch on it so much but uh the idea of resist of and aerobic exercise right the idea of of mixing it up making sure you have the resist of exercise on the a red and the aerobic uh with the as stationary bicycle and the treadmill mixing it up and basically staying consistent right now i'm considering a personal trainer that might that he had a hitier thefts all right we'll andrew thanks again for coming on thanks so much for having me hello jerod mayo let me on their agreement in may of god the wringer annually armie hammer hey thanks for sticking around so today we talked with dr andrea hanson about exercise in space and how that's going to help us go further and further into the cosmos if you wanna know more about how the astronauts are exercising in space go to nasa dug up slash i s or you can follow us on facebook twitter instagram the international space station accounts to see what they're doing right now uh otherwise you there are plenty of other nasa podcast that you can tune into we have gravity assists fettah dr jim green talks about the planets in our solar system in some and beyond ultimately having great talks with some cool people like indy weirdest recently and also we have nasa in silicon valley out at aims who helps out with a lot of this stuff on the international space station is due to some cool stuff would twitch and going live on tv to talk about cool things like playing video games and how video games as sort of help us to um understands him components of space and how they inspire others to understand components of ace very cool stuff that they're doing over there so this podcast episode was recorded on february 20th twenty 18 thanks to kathy reeves judy hayes a siege arena kelly humphreys and ryan stewart thanks again to doctor andrea hanson for coming on the show we'll be back next week.

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