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As well anybody with a microsoft account can host up to three hundred people for up to twenty four hours at no charge. And you don't even need a microsoft account to join that call. The prime minister granted the pakistan telecommunication authority. The power to enforce data localization rules and blocked content deemed harmful the asia internet coalition or. Aic has warned that its members may have to stop doing business pakistan if these new rules are enforced as written the includes facebook. Google twitter apple amazon linked in sap airbnb rocketed cloudflare. Line a whole lot. More over in vietnam reuters sources say the vietnamese government is threatening to shut down facebook if it does not agree to further censor local political content beyond what facebook agreed to do in april. Well apple's rumored augmented or mixed reality. Headset is not a real thing yet. Mike rockwell and all asandra mcginnis apple's senior product manager for a are till. Seena that apple's mission right now is through that device. You already have in your pocket. That device the iphone of course apple says there are already ten thousand a are enabled from seven thousand developers many of which focus on shopping and home improvement and yes android people. We know you don't have one in your pocket. That's not following a financial times report. That amazon is laying off a number of people working on its internal drone. delivery project. Amazon confirmed that it is shrinking. Its internal team and working with independent contractors. F acc aerospace from austria and nova aerospace from spain. Both component manufacturers are the first to partner with amazon to help finally make that sixty minutes segment about prime air. A reality with drones depositing small amazon packages on people's front yards. The faa granted amazon approval to begin testing. Its concept earlier this year. all right. let's talk a little bit about those new mac books. I got their hands on one day. Did the anticipated tear down of the m one based macbook air and macbook pro from fix. It has happened. This is what i it does. And they've done it again so here are some of the interesting takeaways that they found first of all almost nothing has changed inside except that an one chip looks pretty similar. Otherwise among the few things that have changed. The air doesn't have a fan and neither neither laptop not the air and the macbook. Pro has the t to chip. The tea to function is handled by the m one chips secure enclave the m one macbook pro does have a fan. It's just the air that doesn't have a fan and is the exact same fan is the one of the previous generation. So the your previous gen. Macbook could run as quietly as the m one if it weren't for that chip and the unified memory architecture means no upgradeable ram. Some people mumbled grumbled about this to eight gigabyte s k high necks lpddr. Four x chips are integrated into the m one. Meaning that all parts of the cpu including the neural engine and the gpu can access the same memory pool without having to cash the data elsewhere. 's how they can get away with you. Know a swam over all the parts in the same means. Repairability still low. That was a sticking point for a lot of folks not any better now. I fix it points out that the n. One chip being used in both laptops. The air and the pro could have meant interchangeable parts between the two models. Alas that does not happen. Patrick.

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