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As a DH is still off the road at the office you're right about that but your DH hit the ball of sure all I've ever known is that you play hard and you give it a hundred percent all the time and obviously you don't have to do a service question because I I don't know the answer this based on as much as I watch old game that were before my time I can't see everything every single person hostile in the sixties probably not okay but I mean I just think it's more of a you know it's more magnified now today of what everybody so wonder a microscope needed did not easy mantle who is breaking down ladies correctly make business decisions in the middle to latter okay you know what I I think well I think the difference is when you're you know when you're AT a young guy or you know you you're in ten eleven twelve years old even early teens you're not looking at it that way I think as you get older you start to look at things in a different way and and things become more evident to you that maybe when you warrant when you were younger I got out so if you went back and watched I probably will have to go back and watch old games and say okay well this guy was really pushing it here was his guide dog in it a little bit here I don't know I mean I I I think that's part of it I did you know you look at it in a different view when you're a twelve year old kid then you are at you know so you might expect and also to your point we're seeing more of it now you know you can watch any game all the time because he replace all the time and we've got the sports talk radio running plus he's active the fight yeah and and and there's so much money now involved that you're almost you know yeah yeah you look at it from an older I guess standpoint and you say well I got so much money invested in this guy I don't want to be part of this said cometary sure but it really is spending on Robert you're on the phantom for numbers eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six the big dance is right around the corner but the Big East Tournament in the city New York City of course comes first and bet MGM Jersey has a special offer to get the party started opening a new bed and Jim account today in place a one dollar bet on any Big East Tournament.

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