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Facebook Twitter, Instagram, Email, all right. They're also the blaze radio network. It is the weekend with joepags led to have you along for the ride. I wanted to get with sheriff David Clarke because of his years and years and years of investigative work as a police officer as a as the sheriff of Milwaukee county, Wisconsin. And this was before the police changed from saying jussie smollet was victim to he. He's a perpetrator or the suspect, but already the sheriff. And I were were well on our way. There was you're talking about how do you investigate something like this? What do you look into? What do you have to figure out then we go to the border because the sheriff went to the border recently? And he saw firsthand what was going on sheriff. I appreciate you. How are you? Beyond with joke. Always a pleasure to have you. I know that you are traveling a lot lately. Everything good. I did it go. Okay. Yeah. Grade, you know, part of my travels I went down to the southern border. I wanted to see for myself, and I've talked to a lot of sheriffs who are on border towns down there have gotten briefings. But I wanted to see for myself. So I went down to the Rio Grande valley sector in the big bend sector to the five sectors along the Texas southern border, right? And the crisis is everything that it's advertised president spun on people are just literally two pictures on my Twitter, you know, with groups of people literally from Honduras, Guatemala, this literally walking across the border into the United States and people on the left in this country are saying that the president manufactured this somehow, which amazing to me sheriff is that for years and years and Obama said it and Clinton said it and Pelosi said it and Biden said it down the line leftist Schumer said it it was a crisis. There was a major crisis so bad that we had to secure fences actor two thousand six of course, when the Democrats took the house and Senate back they'd be funded. It that's still law of the land. We just can't pay for it. Because the money is in. There. What is is this just politics Trump hatred that they're pretending like there isn't a crisis. All of a sudden. And there are actually idiots out there that believe them when they say the regional crisis. I live in Texas. Of course, there is. And you know, there's a little of both. I think the Trump hatred is one one of the things that driving this politics is. Well, look, you know, Joe wants something enters into the political realm because bastardize okay to starts to disintegrate and go downhill, and it's very hard to get your message across in a political environment. So you're right. The Democrats were all on board with securing the southern border during other presidencies and they signed onto a pass legislation within Trump became president. Donald Trump became President Nelson. Everything changed nothing better at the border. Got worse. You got fencing. All you have opioids coming across the border being shipped across the board of you have MS thirteen gang members. These are things happening ten fifteen and twenty years ago. Yeah. So it's got worse. And Lega said.

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