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Investment show we would cover the wild and wooly trading this week. And what it means for the future of responsible asset based portfolios. We'll be right back. Investors. This is Spencer Macallan, host of net worth radio dot com devoted to your success with excellence and investment strategy and dissecting the financial headlines each and every week that's a service to our clients and dedication to real service and long term success. What of the other components of a great investment plan and strategy performance tracking long term reliability through superior cash flow? And, of course, a service team that cares. McCowen Group Asset Management, a team of nine devoted to your success, each and every day innovation through the pandemic, including zoom meetings for clients in office meetings with safety. The gallon. Group Asset Management is the choice for a fluent North Texas families to upgrade their investment plans. Net worth radio dot com. Get there today. Net worth radio. Dot com. Great signals one Great way to keep up with what's happening in your world K l I f news and information 5:17 a.m. and 96.3 HD, too. James, stop this trading again very aggressively. Today they didn't suspend trading personally, It was just a breath take, And I think they did exactly the right thing to make sure that the clearing firms met their cleaning requirements on short positions on long positions on positions and options. What also puts they did the right thing. No, I'm not a believer that the big boys did something on toward an illegal and I hesitate to use the term manipulation that worth radio now well into its second decade, is proud to bring the best and financial news and performance intelligence hosted by portfolio manager Spencer My gallant, founder of McGowan Group Asset Management, Now back to Spencer. Welcome back to network radio dot com. I'm Spence from a gallon co host is Alex told Lien brought to you courtesy.

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