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Of Maricopa County elections headquarters demanding ballot counters. Do the job They're already doing. Gabriel Gamino is there live in downtown Phoenix? Deborah. That's right in that crowd here is still a static when they learned that the president is chipping away Joe Biden's lead here in Maricopa County. However, they continued chanting things like can count the votes. One of the protestors here who I spoke with his Steve, he tells me. I feel positive I would have liked to seen. You know the gap closed, even Mohr, But he says he's confident that as the votes get counted. The Lee will get smaller for Joe Biden. And he says that Arizona will go to President Donald Trump. We're going to keep you updated the crowd here growing by the minute For the latest information tune in here to keep Jr from the Maricopa County Election Center, Gabriel Dominion News, traffic and weather Now here's Josh Valley Chevy Dealers. Traffic Center has ever construction North bound on the 101 Has the Peoria on ramp closed off. Enter at 91st Avenue or olive instead look outfor, a surface street rec on grand near 83rd Avenue. This report is sponsored by the Ad council. Okay, Dad's It's Time to do the cabbage Patch the running man or something more contemporary. The flaws that's right dance like a dad with your kids. Learn more at fatherhood dot gov I'm Josh Cake.

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