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EPIC and Apple had their first hearing in epics anti-trust lawsuit against UPUL judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers said, it's likely. The trial will be heard it in July and recommended a trial by jury either epic or Apple Must Request for that to happen. But the judge felt jury decision would be more likely to hold up on appeal judge. Rogers also suggested that apple could allow fortnight night back into the APP store if money collected by epoch was held in escrow for the duration of the trial epoch declined that. Yeah just tells Rogers. didn't seem to favor epic's approach here. She had some words for them. All right. Let's talk a little bit about what Google's doing to change its APP store. Remember there's also an epoch Google lawsuit going on and we mentioned Friday that Bloomberg is reporting Google might make some changes today they confirmed some of those changes and more Google announced that it will make it easier to install and use third party APP stores on Android twelth. Now, the company didn't give you any details how this would work, but it did say it was being developed quote being careful not to compromise the safety measures android hasn't placed. So they're saying we want to make it easier for folks to get independent APP, stores like Amazon Amazon as an independent APP store you can get for android. But they WANNA keep it secure. This comes as Google has reemphasized that APPs hosted on the Google play store must use Google plays billing for in transactions that's the Bloomberg story we talked about Friday, which gives Google a thirty percent cut on transactions will now says developers must integrate play billing to Apps by September thirtieth twenty, twenty one. So we we heard they might do a grace period. This is it you've got until September thirtieth twenty, twenty one to make sure that your APP in the play store uses Google, play store billing. By next year they're gonNA toss you out. I feel like Sarah. This is some maneuvering. Certainly in in anticipation of the epoch goal lawsuit similar to the EPIC Apple Lawsuit Share wondering if it also isn't negotiation to avoid that lawsuit possibly, I mean the third party APP store bit makes me think that. Yeah. That was my first thought as well. It's like Google being like we're we're fine with third party APP stores we're goods bullets. We WanNA take that thirty percent cuts and we haven't been. We haven't been enforcing that as well as we should have over the last however many years of the play store. So we're going to do that now but you still have. Your. E, you've got a certain amount of autonomous freedom developers I. Don't know what this really means besides kind of lip service again in the wake of a lawsuit but. You know I, I'd be curious to know if a developer feels that. I don't know that Google is doing something really great here. Yeah..

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