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You can find a link to the story. And all our corona virus coverage at science mag dot org slash podcasts. Stay tuned for an interview with staff writer. Paul Loosen on one. He quantum diamond. Microscope is revealing about Earth's early tectonic shifts. This week's episode is brought to you in part by Kiwi Cow. He Co create super cool hands on projects designed to expose kids to concepts in stem art and design all from the comfort of home. He because mission to help kids build confidence creativity and critical thinking skills and have a blast while doing it. Each crate is designed by experts and tested by kids and teaches a new steam concept. You can sign up for an ongoing subscription or purchase a single crate that strikes her interest or both head to the Cuban coast store to shop by agent interest search bestsellers store exclusives and find the perfect fit for the kid in your world. Each box comes with all the supplies needed for that month. Project Plus easy to follow instructions and enriching content. Choose from a bunch of different topics designed for all ages with Cuba Coz hands on art and science projects. Kids can engineer a walking robot last off a bottle rocket explorer colorful kid-friendly chemistry and a whole lot more all from the comfort of home. Have you need to make steam seriously fun? Delivered to your doorstep. Hit your first month free on select crates at Kiko Dot com slash magazine. That's K- I W I C O dot com slash.

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