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His radio 610 wtvn i'm scott jennings chris field and says he's acting on behalf of other former ohio state student athletes in a lawsuit against university that was filed today we want or when i say we want players perhaps the right buffet okay you can flap that corporate logo on there but i need to leave capela right to negotiate compensation or have the right to pay no i don't support that brand spielman naming other companies in the lawsuit as well including honda and mcdonald's it stems from banners hung around ohio stadium was filmon's likeness in the honda logo he says he never authorized that and his likeness was used without his permission the athletics department released a statement saying they are aware of the lawsuit and they're still in the process of reviewing it daily assembled uboats along with several other groups are asking for a third trial of former university of cincinnati police officer ray tensing dubose was shot by tenzing during a traffic stop in 2015 the black lawyers association of cincinnati's calling for a retrial of tensing along with these since nettie chapter of the end up alesi p a miss trials been declared twice the murder involuntary manslaughter case of tensing prosecutors will decide whether to retry tensing by july twenty fourth a remark from vice president mike pence today had a member of the governor john casic staff calling out fake news i know governor casic is with us but i suspect that he's very troy rumbled to know that in ohio alone nearly sixty thousand disabled citizens are stuck on waiting lists leaving them without the care they need for months or even years that remark from pants that they national governors association prompted a tweet from case six communication's department saying quote the claim has not accurate it's been fact check twice the tweeting ludi links to two new sources the columbus dispatch and the la times ohio's highway patrol trooper plan to keep an eye on drivers who can't seem.

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