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The Kroger grocery chain Kroger says the testing will be in Scottsdale at, a fries supermarket, which is owned by Croker same. Day or next, day delivery orders, can be made online or, through the mobile app the Toyota Prius will. Be used for the deliveries and, it'll be manned by. A human to monitor its performance during phase two in the fall deliveries will be made by a completely autonomous vehicle called an are one with. No human aboard The Italian cabinet has approved a twelve month state of emergency for. Genoa after a, key highway bridge collapsed killing at least thirty nine. People Italian premier Giuseppi content says his government won't, wait, until prosecutors finish investigating the deadly genuine. Bridge collapsed to yank the concession from the main private company that maintains Italy's highways Kante who led. An emergency, cabinet meeting in January on Wednesday called the tragedy unacceptable, in a modern society once called exotic medicine but as AP's Mike Rossier reports there's now a proposal to remove special. Rules for gene therapy experiments health officials have decided the time is right to remove the special regulations that have. Been in place for gene therapy experiments national institutes of health director Dr Francis Collins and food and Drug administration chief Dr Scott I am Ralph Rousseau. AP. College football writer and host of the AP top twenty five college football podcast available on apple podcast and podcast one while, there be sure to subscribe, Rayton review that's the AP top twenty five, college football podcast.

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