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The KTR rates top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center K. T. R. rates news time is one oh one our top story Arlington cemetery is laying out guidelines ahead of Memorial Day fox is Lucas Tomlinson has the report at the White House president trump paid his respects to those that made the ultimate sacrifice they laid down their lives to ensure the survival of American freedom their names are etched forever into the hearts of our people in the memory of our nation and some of you it's been very close very very close very close to your heart amid the corona virus pandemic Arlington National Cemetery will only be open to family members with special passes this year so they can honor their loved ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this nation several thousand family members are expected to attend defense secretary mark esper is expected to be in Arlington cemetery on Monday morning you can go to the Houston national cemetery with your family this weekend and take full ours to the grave sites of all your loved ones but there won't be a public ceremony this Memorial Day in other local news mayor Turner right now and volunteers are handing out food and supplies to families today it's a code nineteen drive through on the sixty six hundred block of Antoine drive and there's an investigation underway numbers Oria county after a Houston fire captain and his live in girlfriend were found dead in their room sharing home their toddler son was inside crying when police arrived for a welfare check yesterday family tells our partner channel two that they suspect a case of domestic violence balance of myself to get help talk to your family your family this is the result you just can't go bag you can go there the family says.

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