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I've kind of a unique situation where I've got a bunch of like to buy by. I don't know, maybe foot two feet, something like that. Soapstone scraps. And I was thinking about, you know, because they make they make woodstoves these woodstoves that of out of soapstone. And this came out of Corey. That's like one of the only ones in the US that just happens to be like twenty miles from me, but I'll eat scraps and I was thinking, why couldn't I make forge out of a mini forge ago, mini map gas towards forge out of soak stone, like stacking it in instead of doing like the pink Ken forward with refractory cement and stuff, bad, just stacking that. Do you guys think that would work? I have no idea. I don't know the thermal properties of soapstone in. If I did, I still wouldn't know the answers. James, every insight into that. No, I don't. If any way into Email, maybe we will love bring that up in the next podcast might be on. I have no idea. I mean does is soapstone by the good terrible insulator. Yeah. Oh yeah. It hold it hold it. Hold heat for longer than like any natural thing. The big thing they make like, what's that? It shouldn't be? Does it hold heat? But how quickly does it absorb heat? So it it absorbed heat for a while. Some thinking it's gonna take a lot of MAPP gas to get up to temp, but then once it's at temple should hold heat. Well, try forgo my physics class, but it's like the thermal conductivity is I think, what would be the crucial thing, which is how fast it. I think it's like the opposite of its insulating properties. So like that's why like aluminum feels colder than something else at the same temperature because it's very thermally conductive which means that wants to lay it wants to give up its heat and lose its heat fast. Great. I don't think he'd want the opposite of that. I think he wants something that kind of keeps the heat on the inside and keeps the cold on the outside, but I could be completely wrong. It's been. I don't wanna be. Of those guys like went to school ten years ago and still thinks he remembers. I'm just gonna have to try it and I'll let you guys know if it works or not to feel hot enough to draw out. What do you say we jump into a couple of year question? Yeah, do it. Stephen Ellis s I'm about to install, newish, nineteen, fifties table saw in the shop, and it was wondering if it's better to install a wall outlet or overhead outlet for two twenty. What do you say? I would think that overhead outlet, the cord would give away like ripping sheet goods and stuff like that. But that's just me. That was my initial thought to think. The only thing I've ever wanted overhead is dusk election because the cord still has to go past the table. Whereas does questions stop at the table? My my, my personal preferences in ground concrete. If the concrete's either that's a difficult. I saw somebody that did because they had to run their dust collection across the concrete floor. They ran their their romantics there to built like a ramp system over. Still thin. That'd be kind of a tripping hazard, but but yet there's that and then just know your shop. It's the type of thing you just get used to your shop. I think I'd still prefer court on the floor than overhead. So I would say not overhead. That's my final answer. Oh, the duck says, how would you do a compound of tale be in wood or metal and wood doing it in metal be done differently? Think that's a really interesting question. Had nothing on that one. Wait, where's that the with the compound tale? If you're doing with hand tools, it's exactly the same as a regular dovetail. It's just the only difference is laying lines because once you have the line than you spot the line with power tools,.

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