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Three two was and we're back this is best work and we already passed max historians let's talk about what what you were just not listening that young lady talk about the the reformation um what she's calls the start of the protestant reformation real quick before we take our caller you are right at the point where we are talking about the early life of of luther um he was studying law for a bit you wanna make common about that yeah his his father almost disowned him he really out of fear it over that because weary is trying to put him through the they weren't rich and he was paying them do that nene one became a monk which should the father was about the most useless thing to do than in the world right so so it becomes a mug a starts grappling with his oil sands and he's wasting away health wise so he sent to roll when he finds out rome is assessed poll yeah and that's where we glad before we continue on with that are real quick can i you wanna talk about the reformation yeah i just want to make a very important quite there you talk about the reformation first of all we now luther rediscovered got both of the bible based around graced grace alone christ the law and scripture alone and focusing on scripture alone i think it very important to look at now we get martin luther brought other people that came around daring hair's time champ calvin knocked going before luther uh and now whitecliffe why are very important fact of focusing on scripture allowed what is the belief that only through the scriptures it's got condo off talked to communicate to us and only creative scriptures do we find christian doctrine and i think it's very important to stress that fact today were darwin martin luther and and others like calvin they would not approve oh of the doctrine of the pentecostal or the charismatic that teach that outside of the written word the bible god speaks to people guy comes to people and this is a very important factor other reformation that should be stress scripture no other meats well wellmade thanks for your call uh i get so it makes develop point i have no no argument with that what.

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