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A redacted Berge in of special counsel, Robert Mueller's report on the Russia investigation will be sent to congress next month and will not be shared with the White House before him. So says the attorney general the president says bring it on great confidence in the attorney general. If that's what I'd like to do. I have nothing to hide President Trump accepted. Attorney general William bars commitment made in a letter to congress to release the Muller report by mid April. If not sooner and to testify before lawmakers in early may the report is nearly four hundred pages long bar said and needs to be scrubbed to protect national security and ongoing investigation as CBS news correspondent chip Reid. President Trump says he's not kidding around telling Mexico, the caravans of people seeking asylum in the United States must be turned around. And if they don't stop with closing the border, they'll close we'll keep a close for a long time. I'm not playing games city leaders say empire actor jussie smollet OSHA cog, one hundred thirty thousand dollars to cover the cost of investigating his claims of being the victim of a racist, homophobic attacks mullets told police he was attacked in January leader charged with fighting filing a false police report prosecutors abruptly dropped the case this week yet still. Insist that smollet staged that attack. It is now being learned that another driver died from a bursting Takata airbag the crash took place in June of last year. WW J reporter Jeff Gilbert. This is the twenty four th death related to the faulty Takata airbags that can deploy with too much force and send out trap. Nope. Honda saying it just learn now of the incident last June that claimed the life of the driver of a two thousand two Honda Civic two hundred injuries have been connected with this issue as well. Frustrated, Prime Minister Theresa may telling British lawmakers their latest rejection of her Brexit deal has grave implications. CBS's Mark Phillips in London. Options that everybody's talking about us a much longer delay perhaps a year perhaps more to start the negotiations over again, but that is extremely distasteful to the people pushing for Brexit here now without a record deal. The UK could be facing disruption and chaos..

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