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Anything bar not and tommy boy but had to give more billy madison are in that group and those both hold up like today i can watch billy madison silly as it is it is fucking hilarious yeah happy go shows up on tnt i'm watch i'm i'm on the couch watch absorb because you're black hell no damn delegate a bit my head off duty is just the fucking movies incredible rest in peace burn lundquist who we lost and allow yes shit fantastic amendment influence african yet the the the whole it sitting like it's a movie making fun of the world of golf that is somehow the greatest golf movie ever made in it you could not even argue like 10 cup and should all you want i'll give all i mean i will argue caddyshack is the great is the grill scale gate at admit but the liver via buyout professional golf i thoroughfare argument with caddyshack that's the only one i will take as a fair argument everything else yes there are good golf movies but nothing is like iconic is happy gilmore for me and billy madison same shit i mean it is so fucking good and from there what should have continued on is like a great career had had some other good movies like we had the waterboy you know big daddy was good i i don't know why i baghdadi a lot there was a hot chicken them review remember that yeah the wedding singer which is the chick i'm sorry is the chicken big daddy ellen degeneres his ex girlfriend no no i don't think so my check that out uh waterboy of course was uh was taken from a saturday night live bit there you go but yeah.

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