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Said calling you do not get it no you don't please don't have kids really please don't europe you'd be allows he parent if you don't think going do an american university for a year or two pays off then look at all the head cases in the nba the underachieved they're all guys that should have stayed in college longer the golden state warriors are full of guys staff klay draymond though actually went to college for multiple years in so cp three and harden so to dwayne wade and jimmy butler you look around this league the head cases like melo oneanddone bogeyed cousins wanna none underachiever john wall oneanddone maturity time would have done those guys great favors this rushed to get out of college is ridiculous you don't think there's value in ghana ucla and hanging out with that student bonnie go into class sacrificing being part of a team using three thousand dollars with of our balls a better option than don't have kids you you got to be out of your gourd you don't think gonna mike chefs qian tom izzo and go to these amazing in universities kansas the heart of basketball there's no value in that no value in jim behind calibari no value you don't go to rural lithuania hang out with goats all three hours of the herder alway streaming on the heard channel on the iheart radio app like i societies inpatient succeed now this minute no healy it takes a long time the example i always use his starbucks starbucks opened their first store in 1971 it took him fourteen years to really go national nobody was drinking starbucks until the mid '80s amazon opened up in 1994 didn't make a profit for seven years and make a prophet for seven years now they own retail like i understand were were impatient like i get that but let's not be unrealistic here jim harbaugh's getting crushed by people they are a favorite in a ballgame over an sec team by a touchdown if they win it'll be as twenty ninth win in three years it'll be as twenty ninth team win in three years let me remind you what he's done at the university of san diego's stanford the forty nine ers erzen michigan in all four places.

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