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In these people need to get shipped out of this country and if they come back again uh you know their family member shouldn't be able to cross the border i mean i'm sorry but this is this stuff is insane i don't know why people are against what we're doing i i don't understand voter satellite fred they want voters democrats want voters republicans want cheap labour that's why i gave it to you well that true and and that that would voting in the in the city thin and the elected official there that's what they need but you know the crime my job is to stop them and not have a committed crime tomorrow and it'll be a fantastic road i'm telling you what i it wasn't more than three weeks if the i went to the inauguration and it wasn't more than a a couple of weeks later that we got a call from my saying hey we're back in business and these poor guys and gals award doing anything for seven years and uh or eight years rather um but now they're back in business and i think they're overworked in overweight they need more people now got that's that's government hiring that i'm in favor of i got a quick question i gotta go but a quick question what is the public reaction with no exaggeration the regular run of the mall run out i mean run average per cent on that you've been able to talk to are they happy that this type of enforcement cooperation is being done the average person that we tell we're doing this they are there in favor of it there they have no problems do we could do to prevent crime and in some ways in this country uh illegally they're all for us deporting them and that's the people that i come in contact with uh you know uh my my four grandparents came into ellis island so they did the right way frederick aaron we really appreciate the right director of public safety and been so i saying that right bensalem pennsylvania are ben ben salem ben salem bensalem pennsylvania uh we really have we really appreciate it into an thanks to all of those men and women in.

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