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Three zero one area code on wildcard Wednesday requesting the theme from the wild wild west. Hey, remember that great movie that they did with Kevin Kline and Will Smith. Wild wild west. Kenneth Branagh was the villain. Got to see Salma Hayek. But that was the best part of the whole movie. I went okay. This is this is worth the two hours. Welcome back. Everybody Nick to Gilio here on seven twenty WGN. We're talking about unusual cookbook celebrity cookbooks as well is the Tucci table available. Yes, it is. And what year is it from does it say what was publicly fourteen. Also, it's pretty recent. Then he also has the Tucci cookbook from twenty twelve so two cookbooks for Stanley Tucci. I'm going to get them. Both. Just because big night. I completely forgot. He was in. Julia Julia though, and he is and he was great in it. How about this one Morgan Freeman and friends Caribbean cooking for a cause by Morgan Freeman? Now, here's the thing. I would want that on audio book. With. Him narrated? That's how you'd have to get it. Dow's lesson onion thinly. That was my Morgan Freeman by the way, I thought he had walked in almost as good as Josh Robert Thompson. This cookbook was created in order to help relief efforts. For the devastating hurricanes and Grenada in two thousand four this cookbook combines a whole bunch of celebrities their favorite recipes and tales of island life. Oh, that's cool. And then finally cooking with Regis and Kathie Lee. This is the title. This is the actual title cooking with Regis and Kathie Lee quick and easy recipes from America's favorite TV personalities, while a little presumptuous, aren't we? Yes, reaches Kathy Lee, co authored a cookbook together there are dozens of recipes by celebrities and celebrity chefs who appear on their morning show. Oh, so they collected a bunch of celebrity. Cookbooks or cookbook cookbooks? They collected a bunch of cookbooks and handed them out everybody. Here's a cookbook. All right. How about this unlikely celebrity cookbooks Liberace cooks now now come on now. He would have to full on deep Ling. Could you imagine him? Like making some pizza dough.

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