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We're joined here today by none other than Jose Alaya. He's been in the information security field for over ten years now, and also has an extensive background in networking he his agreed to come on the show to discuss the relationship between the US and Chinese tech wildly five G. in the future of how these dynamics may change. Question for you, Jose you are Weiwei expert. What is going on with men Wenzhou, the CFO of lingerie with the current status with her and that's a long story there. You had to go back to understand what's going on right now you had to go back on see why we are in this situation today the department wants to be arrested noisy the Canadian government. You know detained hair but we understand why why would this happen because he has been you say who came for a long time? Can Abo- years to get into the point that we have today in order to understand what was happening to her right now, we had to go back to probably back to the nineties see hey, when China mistake was in strong or wasn't Even. Getting high-quality and today we are facing is basically a competitor that he's had lead in that field. Is Increasing the fear of the United States government because while way is a leader in the field that A. Few years back. No one thought. Critical coloring in the world. We didn't see it US I mean here in America, we didn't see it as okay. Very important. So why the controversy that will be the question? Is I? Okay while ways leader in Feigen of. To understand why is so five years on union-russian technology in mole technology. Our listeners know today we all use a phones. Let's say die phones the android devices. Most of the news for technology were usually is known as not. That gave us good bond with tubes, watch videos, those youtube videos, and to see those social media however, five years is considered. A big step into a having way BU bandwidth in wireless. Communication. A will enable artificial intelligence twists pont to IOT devices.

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