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Started okay we just first of all just in bravo news live was at top burr mortimer's wedding and he is the first husband of a real housewife tins so we're all very was delayed was there talk of tinsley at the wedding realize anyway just one of we'd like to make all of our connections in other brother news next week's below deck cat captain standi gets pissed at hanna take a look and the guys that is wrong lords they can save his sunset conrad conrad sandy get hannah back to this boat i'm not happy until her to come see me mmediately on the bridge in and meanwhile they're cavorting live and navigate for your questions but before we get to those here's what three things i am obsessed with tonight i live not only has an enviable career she also has a super and gable roster of alist friends well not if i can help it live i'm gonna ask you some questions about your famous pals you pick your answers from kate moss julianne moore alicia silverstone kate hudson and viva mendez mendez who those women would you call the bail you out of jail i mean alicia silverstone kate hudson kate moss would be most fun on a crazy girls night out would be most likely spill one of your secrets i can't see their cake a an julianne moore none of them okay very good who would join you for an afternoon of edibles oh kate that's it yeah who would be the best if you had to change a flat tire to help you change a flat really no i kind of feel like that would you turn to for ideas to spice up your sex life most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you of that group that's true maybe came on we let dory notebook kate moss please.

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