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Hey this is john at the bible project today on the podcast we're going to talk about care jobs what is jawad barry win n facility you want the mon just say the warden all thrall eyesore out of plucked out on a pretty good idea wax oh what we've got here faye in year new kate moss not just any kind of character we're specifically gonna talk about characters found in the bob you see we're in the middle of producing a series of videos called how to read the bible what you'll notice reading the bible is that there's a lot of stories in every story past characters now if you're like me you might have wondered why is there such little detail given to characters in the bible i wanna know what did that person look like what were the thinking why did they do what they did i want rich filled out characters the lack of detail is intentional and strategic and it's frustrating for modern readers we mistake it as diphyl this is a primitive poor the told story look all the characters are simple and that's just totally missing difficul narrative style often times when we read the bible we have a tendency to put the characters and categories that we understand either a good guy for your bad guy but two biblical authors people aren't always 'simple for the most part did local narrators refrain from sermonising were moralising characters what they do is just set their choice in front of him and then you have to be the one to evaluate this minimalist style is trying to recreate in the narrative your experience of your online moral realism of the human condition most people aren't only good at only that were all a mixed bag plan from the mouths that's today on about how to podcast thanks for joining us here we go.

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