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WTO for more on these developing stories and just minutes, Friday morning, October 7th, where the time now is four 48. Good morning. Robin could weather all the 8s first as always over to rich hunter this morning in the WTO P traffic center. It looks like the work Senate was on it. I don't look for the bad way between branch avenue and joint base Andrews you should now find all lanes open and traffic moving well through that stretch of the beltway rest of the beltway in Maryland looks good. Still in good shape on I 95 and the Baltimore Washington Parkway at a down toward the beltway, no worries two 70 south from Frederick down the boobs to the beltway as well. Again, the caution for folks coming off the bay bridge, the paving project, leaving sandy point headed toward cape saint Clair remains, again you eventually down to one single lane left through that project and at last check they still had the ramp to keep saint Clair or the exit to keep saying clerics at 29 closed as part of that work. Beyond that nothing else anyway through the belly and lanham and even inside the beltway headed toward the district, 66 east pounds to work out in their business two 34 suddenly wrote single left linkage bother works on January from suddenly still blocked as part of that work beyond that the work that was between one 23 and not least street, that works since been picked up and cleared beyond that you're in good shape getting to the valley and even inside the beltway headed toward rasa and the Roosevelt bridge you're in good shape. Westbound 66, the back to back work sounds between route 7 and notly street, still under process of clearing as a matter of fact, they may have actually stopped traffic and that work zone. When she do get moving, you will get by single file to the left is also the work on the westbound dulles connector road between 66 and one 23 where you were getting by that work zone single file to the right. Silver diners fall menu will warm you up. Try their apple pie stuffed French toast or their plant based oat milk pancakes with blueberries, learn more at silver diner dot com

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