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So there will be business failures in the Bitcoin world that we big business there is also. But there will be no government there to steal money to prop up these industries that are deemed strategic by some arbitrary little group of people. So we're going to have a much more efficient clean up mechanism for those businesses that go belly up. So let's talk about a little bit about human nature and the reason that I believe a lot of these collectivist politicians and political parties have been so successful, right? And a lot of the reasons why I believe the bailouts were politically viable, right? And that's just because people are willing to avoid the pain or whatever for whatever it takes and they turn to big daddy government in order to say, hey, you know, rescue us or whatever, without really thinking about the long-term consequences. Well, these politicians don't have to think about the long-term consequences because somebody else is going to clean up the mass will be burdened with the mess and they'll say, no, it was the last people who did it. But what Bitcoin will do will make it impossible for people to bail out businesses or anybody else because they want to look, they're going to be people who want to extend human life for 500 years. And we want to do this. Well, the scientists say, well, it's not actually possible. There are even another bunch of people who say, well, we want to have a, I don't know what to call you on the bottom of the Mariana trench. It's not possible because it's too deep there. And so what will happen with Bitcoin is that the discipline of science, the discipline of math will be put over everybody in government, and they'll say, we want to do this. We want to build this new bridge to nowhere. And then the people who are in charge of the money and say, well, there's no money for that. There hasn't been money for that for 50 years to Bitcoin became the only money. So you can try and ask people to build this bridge to nowhere. But once they find out that the plants, the architects planned for this big British nowhere, nobody's going to pay for it and you can't steal that money out of it because that era's also over. So these politicians will be put in their place. They will be constrained to keeping the roads clean, keeping the roads free of litter, and that's about it. They'll only be able to do what people consent to be done because they won't be able to print money out of nowhere. There will be no federal government with the ability to print money where the states can go and ask for a stipend or a grant or whatever they want to call it of money that just was conjured out of nowhere. It's all going to end.

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