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I'll tell you what they're not gonna punt a lot worrying about a phillies special there's nothing off the board nothing more philly special i want trick play raised my russians i i'll be honest with you i can't wait for the next football season that's why put off my surgery to our discussion this morning about the upcoming season no rea it's important let me tell you i'm not the only one that's clearing the decks for september through february a gallon of general anesthesia larry tax so that we can savor every moment of the season after the super bowl the one that led to two in a row riches online hybrid jay so in the bottom of the ace yup cameras showed arana warming up with garcia so here comes garcia and it's a disaster and he doesn't have a ready for some reason and then he's gotta hurry the heck out of sarangani who just through almost fifty pitches on sunday which is not fair and he was not ready he is rich it put it in the simplest terms and and the the manager will beyond at at nine o'clock today i don't know how the hell he's managing the bullpen it doesn't look like there's a plan here does there there's no plan i don't know why he didn't have a rhino ready and the ninety animating the bottom of the eighth why isn't he ready to come in in a moment's notice and the top of the ninth and he's got to you know participate he doesn't get any act no he really doesn't and he had a good start to the season his what his what agape said about using garcia in the night let's that's that's basically what we look at who's who's most likely to get a ground ball here who sinker plays really well against the the opposition's right handed hitter louis throws ninety nine miles an hour with the split in the slider you know he matches up pretty well against a lot of people yeah here to get out hit it reached out that was one he couldn't get an out.

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