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And. So the only thing and tried talk with the sheriff's gone about. This was obviously the only clue is that it was a remote area that few people would know about and how to get to and is that a part of the profile because when you have. Clues were able to determine when she was killed assuming she was killed. I mean we don't even know that for a fact it could have been. An accidental death I, don't know. I mean they're treating it as a kidnapping homicide shirt and I think that you to your point we don't know but we can assume that right? Most likely. Yes. That was the case. We don't. We we don't they don't have any and so what they did though, and this is how they have not let any but could they determine the age of the remains? To determine. I. Feel like there's there is some forensic way there should be know. Classes and anthropology. You can tell the age of bones by doing certain things density. But yeah. Bone density tests and things like that. But there wasn't enough. That's surprises me. Well. Okay. So the same month and this is how questioning the investigators. Now because I want some answers, it debit I know that that's how that's everybody feels the case. Yes. I me on. There has to be some answers here Komal. We actually found a piece of Lindsey like come on. Yeah. But if you noticed in the in the interview room at the Presser. Heard the sounds of seasoned reporters. Yeah. Oh. My God you know that that in itself shows you they're very quiet normally, very happy right that doesn't happen and it's like the case had such a huge impact and they were hoping that they could find out more details, which is why for two weekends in that same month of May, a massive effort that included two hundred volunteers and law enforcement twenty two canine teams to search that area where her partial skull was found within a two mile radius..

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