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Is designed to prevent the spreading disease the vaccination is only to prevent a disease it you will get for example visit disease that will kill you. You have the right to refuse that but you have no right to refuse vaccinated against a contagious disease. Now is obviously a bunch of caveats in there. I mean this is taking at face just assuming that these things are safe. Assuming things have been tested properly. We know this isn't happening right assuming that they're even being made for the right purpose. This or they're not secretly involving nanotechnology or anything or they're using gene editing the ornate vaccines. They've never tested telling us any number of things in there. That don't just just completely apply right but I mean you can see the way that they're trying to apply this but the argument that oh well if you're taking a vaccine only is affecting you right but it's not about saving everybody else will then. There's let's just be very clear here. There is nothing when you're talking about putting a piece of metal in your arm and injecting liquid into your body against your will to be very about exactly what that is and not even just liquids but all kinds of horrible things that I'm not going to get into the point is that there's nothing ever that can happen. That can make that mandatory because that is a violation of your personal sovereignty ever period but this is also get into furthermore in a second about why but I want to show you before we get into what he argues next in regard to why this is legal police. Our Constitution gives the state the power L. That case police United States of bring as the ops into my head and may have the name wrong is Jacobson. I think probably I have it right. Check it out. So here's what he's talking about. This is what he's talking about Jacobsen Mercy's Massachusetts now. You can see nineteen thousand five nineteen o five. We're talking about so first of all. It's recognized that we're talking about a piece of legislation from over one hundred years ago. Not Not a founding document right but a piece of legislation written by people who had interest at that time that worked the same as what we're talking about now or something. That should be looked at right now. There's a big difference between amending or changing a piece of legislation versus amending or changing the constitution very different things because the constitution is not just a piece of legislation. It's not just a bill. That was the constitutions of founding living document right that's the point and nothing can change that if it's counter to the constitution period this has been bastardized and changed at in manipulated. Ever since then but the point is just on just show you now since I'm talking. This is another Supreme Court case right. All laws which are repugnant. To the constitution are null and void metairie versus Madison K. That is another Supreme Court case. So if we're actually going to pretend presidents mean anything in this country that should immediately say period moving forward nothing else can ever be written out or voted on that is repugnant or goes against the constitution. So point in case this right this is from eighteen. Three this is from nineteen o five. Hey when you're talking about something that is violating your constitutional rights. It shouldn't have even been high. Shouldn't even happened so this was unconstitutional. Said that's that's why you have to view it. So they say people always go they amend the Constitution yes but the amendments cannot violate the constitutional rights the origin otherwise it's repugnant Nolan void. Turn it doesn't matter it pass or they vote for it. It doesn't matter. Let's see we've gotten so far removed from that and people like John Bolton say the constitutions on a suic- suicide back are people that caused we pretend to fight for it and then every chance they get violated such as you know fighting against your right to boycott what you wish on and on and on but back to the point that says this Nineteen hundred ninety seven. Us Eleven. I guess that's the name of the whatever it was there was a United States Supreme Court case. Just the I get it. So in which the court upheld the authority of States to enforce compulsory vaccination laws right so period? There's a case here which. They claim that they are in found in favor that they were allowed to enforce mandatory vaccination. So what's right off? The Bat realized this is a law. This is a Supreme Court case precedent in our country system where mandatory vaccination was deemed legal if it was in the best interest of the society around them. So why is that not being discussed? Why don't you pretend like people who argue for vaccination is coming are crazy? Conspiracy theorist while we literally have a precedent on the books. Does that not seem ridiculous? Does that not seem like they're trying to gaslight us now but while they rolled in quietly even as they are going to argue this right here which is why Dershowitz pointed to it? You're being deceived. Guys there's an allusion around all of what's happening right now and this whole thing's agenda regardless of what you think is going on. This is happening and they're lying to you. They're planning this stuff as they have been forever. That's why we're using the planets where we're using all the other plans. That have been around for decades. The same nanotechnology plans in the same people and the same companies in the same public official positions. That are all doing the same things it has been planned. Since the court's decision articulated the view that the freedom of the individual must sometimes be subordinate subordinated to the common welfare and is subject to the POW police power of the state. How horrifying does that sound like what you thought? This isn't that you know five right. I mean you imagine what you thought this country would have been like. We pretend like things are so much worse now but I promise you this. We've always been in this flux. You could argue the people that many people in that room in signing the declaration of independence had visions to make the kind of federal government. We have now. It wasn't all encompassing life. Trying to make it out to be when you read this. It gets even more interesting. When it says Pastor Henning Jacobson already lived through an era of mandatory vaccinations back in his original home in Sweden. The national law made vaccination mandatory. And when he was a child he vaccinated for smallpox now says although the efforts to eradicate smallpox were successful in Sweden. He did not agree with the methods. He said saination caused him quote great and extreme suffering and he would have to endure for the rest of his life. So based on this guy's claims he's suffering for the rest. He was suffering for the rest of his life. Due to a vaccination and I I can only imagine how horse they were back then. He says one of his sons also quote suffered adverse effects after being vaccines child. So here this is an interesting point to think about. At what point do you does your personal suffering La- matter less than the collective perception that society suffering less. Maybe think about where we all right now. Think about the position that we're in as were dealing with come back to you won't talking to you for a minute. Think about the position that we're in right in regard to all of us. You could argue. Based on the fact that we know the numbers are wrong and that they actions continued anyway which should mean it would be a suspect moment for people to support trump or anybody like hey why are we still doing all the things even though the numbers wrong. Who cares right because it's all forty something. Whatever is excuse. Excuse we know something knows something. We don't at the end of the day. It's still going forward so we need ask ourselves what even even if you think this is all real and it's something that people are suffering from Mary. We know that Sweden. Interestingly enough the mentioned there Sweden is showing us right. Now that there's this. There's another way to do this but let me ask you this. Had we done nothing or rather? Have we not done the lockdown and the government simply said? Here's what we think is happening. Here's all the pertinent information we. Here's what we suggest that you do. Show self-determination I argue that easily. Half the country would have done what they're doing now they would have pulled back. They would have worn their masks. They would have been you know whatever that there would have been been the same shaming. Oh you should be doing it. But the end of the day. What would have happened? Is You had people that got sick if it was a real thing? And maybe a little bit higher of an issue but shorter. This is what they showed in Sweden. You have higher spike. But the curve. Flattens out much quicker and guess what wouldn't have happened. The absolute destruction of our complete side all small businesses across the country right so all the big businesses are sweeping normal up right now right I mean I know somebody personally who is taking their small business loan and instead of paying their employees they fired them all and they're going on vacation right. That's what's happening right now. Because why in the world would you take small business loan and then pope it into a business? That doesn't have any customers because they're not doing anything I mean. Think about how crazy that is. They are they. They don't don't don't happily pump money. That's where the money was flying into. Who took it? Because they don't even care and it's want the allusion of something happening so then they can allow the Walmart's business to scoop up all business. I also know another person a friend of mine. Who lost his entire business? Because of what's happening this is where we're at guys. This is literally what we're staring at right now. So what's better that we? I mean what you have to ask and this is a genuine question. I'm not even sure where I stand. Is it better to have people who potentially get more sick more severely in a little bit smaller timeframe and not destroy the entire economy and not destroy everyone small businesses and irrevocably changed the face of this country or have a little bit less severe arguably who if even ended up that way less severe longer time and destroy everybody? Small businesses right at. What point does your personal livelihood matter less than the safety collectively of everybody around you exactly? We're talking about here in nineteen o five. This guy was told. We don't care that you've had previous issues with vaccines. We don't care that your child had issued Thaksin's force you to do this because we've deemed the necessity greater for everyone one. No it's going to hurt you. But sorry societies more important. That never is allowed to happen guys period. There's no point where you're this is. This is the world they're trying to drive us into. And guess who benefits from that kind of world your government. Suddenly they get to decide when and how and if in every situation because well we need to be with for you more. Mommy and daddy government to tell you exactly what needs to happen. All the time doesn't matter guys that the point. Oh you know what I realized. Of course I just realized that I wasn't showing you guys the images while I was looking at them of course as I tend to do but here was just you guys can see it John Jacobson versus Massachusetts. That's what I was reading from and this is what I was referencing. The point is it doesn't matter all laws which are repugnant to the constitution are no and void. Eighteen O three. We shouldn't have to have a Supreme Kate Corresponding K. A court rule on this pretty basic but here. We are with them arguing that we have to because that's constitutional. These same people are going gonNA drive this home guys and we need to keep. We need stay vigilant as always because they're going to continue trying to scare you and things are gonna come and more art more action even put this week is even if something actually happens even if you know me Spiro and I were talking about right if if a.

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