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But everything else was open for you as well as you could get on him once again, eight five five two one two four CBS, and we start things off with Tom in Maryland, Tom what you got for me. Tom. You're there. Tom. All right. Our phone lines are down I find out. So that's all right. Well, we could do right now is I'm going to take a quick break here. Exact Gelb in for Amy Lawrence. It's after hours, but I find this in Herbert decision to be fascinating. I really do. Because if I was in his position, and I was given the opportunity to be the number one pick or the number one quarterback, I should say in this year's draft. Would I return to college? Or would I have went to the NFL? I probably would have went to the NFL, but just in Herbert elects to return home. Also when we come back. We'll take your phone calls, and we will also take a look at the teams that could be in play for a quarterback in this draft class or via free agency or via the trade market. Whether it's someone that is looking for a quarterback for right now in the immediate or maybe for someone that has a quarterback right now. But he's getting up there in age and they're looking to draft the quarterback as a project and the current quarterback will put that player under the rookies wing. So we'll take a timeout Zach yelp in for Ayla. Hopefully, these phone lines get back up and running because I want to talk to you next. We'll take a timeout and the phone lines. They are back up and running. Okay. There we go say phone lines. Go down for five. Minutes. Chris Thomas runs around like a chicken with his head cut off. And guess what happens? Someone press the magical button and the phone lines. Do come back. So.

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