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Welcome to the junky podcast and happy saint patrick's day so great great day across the nation across the world To celebrate your irish heritage of which i have none but out why not celebrate anyway got plenty of friends right so coming up on the podcast today. A poker remakes a battle classic into a folder. On that i must get nerd out on the state of the collection. We have some baston. Eli's on that i want to show off as well as a tops modification and a arcane design that i must i must own myself and then ten favourite knives with my car to handles collects all coming up on this edition of the mid week supplemental. But i do you like this show. You like knives. Check us out on patriot on their three levels of support over there. You can nice junkie stickers a mentioned on your podcast you get early. Access to the sunday interview show and the mid week supplemental podcasts without any inner bow without any advertisements during the show and there's other exclusive content opportunities your support helps fund the infrastructure needs of the show like hosting servers equipment as well as nice for review donation circus out on patriots. And see what helping us gets you. The quickest way to get there is to go the knife. Chunky dot com slash patriots. That's the knife. Junkie dot com slash. He you're listening to the knife junkie podcast and now. Here's the knife junkie. Rip the nightlife news so kaiser is always coming out with new knives every year. They have a pretty heavy roster of new knives but this year up brings a first for them and that is a lock bat comes to them and thus through designer michael galloway when i when i first saw his name i confused him with a different knife maker. I'm not mention right here. Nightmare maker. i like a lot. But i didn't wanna cause confusion. But this is michael gallup vic and this is called the slicer and to me i look at it and it is It's a rat one competitor. It is a A cold steel working or a law. American law man competitor. It is just a straight up. Work nut It's got a nice drop point. Three point seven four inches. No that's me. Am size range that i like and has got contra g ten handles and a lot back. That's n n six n six ninety zero steel sometimes. These deals are hard for me to say but look at that beautiful blade and that full flat grind can't see it. Just take my word. A nice drop Beautiful pointy acute tip over grind. Nothing flashy to this thing. It's just a nice big hefty. Lock back and that's a new one from kaiser that's a that's a new a new sort of platform that they're trying out so i like it a lot That might be something we check out over here at its thumb stud only as you might expect from a la so Were you. We might be checking out that that. Kaiser slicer up here but one knife. I know for sure. We're going to be checking out. Here is a boker and you don't hear me. You don't even say that you often This boker coming out is a folding version of this it and this match. It is an incredible combat knife a legendary combat her world war two was designed by fairbairn and applegate's and it's a there was a twelve inch double edged shapes well all around her But definitely a combat laid Issued a lot in the south pacific it was good for For vegetation as well as a fighting. You know there's a lot of jungle hand jungle fighting in the south pacific And apple applegate and fairbairn were experts in close in combat with knives. So this this is this. New boker is a tip of the hat to that combat classic. It's got a three three and three quarters inch blade and hey beautiful. Beautiful sculpted and sort of wasp waisted my car to handle and note note. How the pivot is is off center. that to me is emblematic of how difficult. It is to design a folder. That is totally symmetrical. We're going to get to that later. At what i mean by a folder that is totally symmetrical. I mean especially in this sort of dagger format you look at his blade. It looks just so prime for double-edged but then you look at that handle it you know that that could never happen. Of course the handle has to be substantially wider than the blade. When you have a double edge folder. That's why they're there just. Aren't that many out there at all. And we're gonna talk about that undertake so Boker thank you for i. Just they've been the Sort of the call of the keeper of the design keeper of this match design of pretty much since world war two Since they stopped being made by american companies and so they've remade it every couple of years. They'll come out with a commemorative smash it. It's very expensive. And you know kind of a wall hanger not that it's not stout-hearted battle-ready but You know for the price that they that they ask for it and for how infrequently they make them. You're pretty much gonna wanna hang on the wall so smash it olding. Version g Vg ten mike carta. It just looks like a great collectors. So i i might have to jump on that. See i mean. I keep saying that and i say that a lot on this show when i get excited about it designed so no guarantees. I may or may not get it and really liked to have it right now so anyway. So let's let's do some data collection. Let's talk about when. I have coming through my collection across my desk. That may not necessarily so i Let's see here I i have to say I i seem to have skipped over something today and i. I have to get to this gym. I know jim is cringing behind the scenes. But i never did my check today. Let me show you what i got today. And then i'll move onto the state of the collection. What i have today in markets is a classic. I was talking about classics before. Well this is a classic. This is chris sabin's full-sized twenty one and With the my card inlay. That's black my car and with so great about this knife. I mean among many many many other things but when it shows up that might carta is as gray as that titanium and just through carrying it picks up your personal funk profile And eh changes colors were different oils and stuff and just exposure to the elements this nice Breath tip on this one and had it re profiled sharpened to a beautiful meeropol stage by jared has done back into rotation as one. I proudly carried today Today's on carrying this is my my main knife. And i really hope a bunch of cutting tests come up because it's ready now it's ready. This was a nice. I could never quite get sharp enough knowing house in that hollow ground blade against behind the edge. I just could never do it. Justice so i sent it to Senate did jared. Of course. I needed a tip reprofile in because that's what i do. I dropped knives on their tips and he fixed it for me and man. It is screaming sharp. So hope some cutting comes up today And is if it does. It will be hard to resist using this. My secondary knife today is the locks. Victoria knocks locks pioneer x. Or cannot mouthful. The pioneer is basically the.

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