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Objective for the american people to consume so they can evaluate whether conclusions or right or not i mean i'm talking to administrators scott pruitt from the upa so in some ways this is this is a concern because when they bring you the conclusions but not the data there aren't other folks smarter than me who can look at that data and say well you've been cherry picking it or you're picking the point on the graph where do you wanna start the line and end the lines of that way you define the line rather than giving us the whole graph so we can see that you've picked you know some oddball piece of the data to try to prove the conclusion you wanted to get to i think what's surprising to people lars is that that most folks think that we do most of our science or all the scientists done internal to the agency that's not the case there's a lot of scientific inquiry a lot of scientific analysis that occurs outside the agency and it's only right it's only fair it's only transparent that is that science is done that it includes the methodology and the data that is used to reach those inclusions if we do the science we have to publish it it has to be part of the rookie process and so the same should apply to those third parties that we use in rulemaking so it's a very important change you know the other thing that we've done to get accountability with respect to process is in something called sewan settled where we had third parties ngos it would sue the agency and some days the very day the lawsuit was filed the epa would walk into a courtroom and raise the white flag and agree to certain terms and put it within a consent decree changing at times a time on it and the statute or other substance requirements so it effectively rulemaking and they would cabin that within this consent decree and then use it all the country to force it upon states and citizens and and other so that's that soon settled regulation through litigation process we've also ended.

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