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You there. NewsRadio, K o b. J 51283605 90 If you would like to join us. And, uh, holy No, I'm seeing that traffics opened up again. Well, that's pretty fast work on the part of textile. Apparently slow to get the the no doubt about what's going on there, but pretty quick on the fix. Well, good news. Good news on that. Let's get back to, uh, the water situation. Power situation here in Central Texas and What's going to be done about it. Going forward. What? You heard the governor. Mentioned about getting more plumbers and state. We'll talk about that here in just a moment. I want to come back to something that we were talking about right before. The local news break with John Cooley there I think I mentioned this right before the news break. That's er Conte Electric Reliability. Council of Texas reviews about 100 weatherization plans a year and they make general suggestions those air guidelines just recommendations. Kat spokesperson. Says the council doesn't have the authority to find or penalize generators. If plans have any shortcomings. Now enter the Texas Public Utility Commission. We know it was announced just on Friday during an emergency meeting that the PUC is going to investigate exactly what led to the disruption of Electrical power for millions of Texans. P. U. C. Has three members. They're appointed by the governor. Here's the crux of this to me. PUC requires energy generators. Based on all the reading has been done by me and many others. All the reporting has been done by so many others. 2011. Was a big winner event. Here in Texas. Certainly not to the magnitude and scale of.

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