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Two provisions of I 16 39, including raising the buying age from 18 to 21 for semi automatic assault rifles will stand. Kristen Elling Bo is with the Gun Safety Group Alliance for Gun Responsibility in today is a huge victory for gun safety in Washington. It means that the Voter approved initiatives. 16 39 remains the law of the land in our state. But Dave workmen with the gun rights groups Second Amendment Foundation, which challenged the initiative was appalled. If adults ages 18 19 and 20 aren't mature, enoughto own a firearm, then that's a question that maybe they had a bounce off the Marine Corps in the United States Army and the Navy if he says the legal battle is not over, see Romero Comeau news. Communities that don't have as much access to cope in 19 testing will now have to free testing sites. The story from Como's Ryan Harris those two sites open this week in Auburn and next week and rented the latter under a partnership with King County Health and the nonprofit Clinics of Health Point and the Auburn site staffed by Valley Regional Fire Authority Cruise. Valley Regional chief Brent Swearingen says they're certainly used to what he calls street medicine. But they couldn't scale up the mass testing without the cooperation with the county and each other. When you drive into the site, you're gonna find firefighters. We're in a valley Regional fire pass. You're gonna find South King patches. You're gonna find kitchen sound patches, red patches, And if one department has a hard time staffing department will step in. The idea behind the two sites is to provide testing for communities of color, which can be more vulnerable..

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