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To gluten free tow under 600 calorie entrees, Silver Diner offers choices for how you live in a healthy dose of what you crave Bobbin were W T OBY trapped Storm Team 44 Day forecast with Amelia drink plenty of clouds out there tonight with lows in the twenties and the chance for some snow showers overnight through early tomorrow morning, mainly south of Washington. Otherwise, we'll start off the day with clouds and then have increasing sunshine with Highs in the thirties. However, strong winds will put windshield temperatures not just tomorrow. But Friday, two in the teens and twenties as we look to Saturday, lighter winds with highs in the thirties and then snow looks to impact area on Sunday, the chance for a wintry mix later in the day and will continue to track the chance for snow Monday and Tuesday, as well as a wintry mix. Strong team four meteorologist Amelia Draper. Right now in Chantilly is 36 Penn Quarter 39 Columbia 37 degrees. Some parts of our area. Down to the low twenties were brought to you by mattress warehouse by with confidence with one year price guarantee on Lee at Mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com. New Tonight in the W T O P newsroom to journalists have tested positive for Corona virus after witnessing the final three federal executions under the Trump administration. But the Bureau of Prisons reportedly withheld the information from other witnesses at the execution site in Terra Haute, Indiana. The Bureau of Prisons had one reporter told officials about their diagnosis last week, but the agency decided not to contact other media witnesses and did not try to conduct AH contact tracing investigation. FEMA's reportedly getting.

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