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It's going to be cold at thirty nine for overnight low tomorrow, we creep back up to seventy degrees, and then several days after that. We're going to be in the low seventies right now. It's sixty one in Tempe. Weather brought to you by Howard air. It is five zero three. Now, I am very pleased to announce that arrest has been made a big break in the hacienda healthcare case police say DNA links licensed practical nurse to the baby. Born at the facility late last month. KTAR's Martha Mauer joins us live with more details. Thirty-six-year-old Nathan Sutherland is the man police say was caring for twenty nine year old woman who cannot speak or move and has severe intellectual disabilities. Phoenix police chief Jerry Williams, we have worked virtually non-stop every day every night seven days a week trying to solve and resolve this case Sutherland is a licensed practical nurse who had been working at essence twenty twelve police say the baby is doing well. And that this investigation continues they'll be determining if there are possibly more victims or if there are any further suspects. Meanwhile, Mr southern you here on one count sex assault a class two felony count child. Overall, Novotny Sutherland made his first appearance today following his arrest. The sexual assault his bond was that had half a million dollars. He has no prior felonies. His next court. It's coming up on January thirtieth and Becky just moments ago. We did receive a statement from hacienda saying that before he started working there. He did undergo extensive background checks, including an extended criminal history searches with multiple government registry searches including sex offender and more. Now, he has been again, a licensed, practical, nurses, twenty twelve his nursing license is current and in good standing live in the news center. I'm Martha our KTAR news. Thank you, Martha KTAR legal analyst, Monica Lindstrom says if he's convicted Sutherland could spend up to fourteen years behind bars, but she says other factors that could come into play is how many times he allegedly sexually abused. The woman was this only happened one or was this multiple times. Because if he did this multiple times than those are new counts every single time and that can increase the time that he spent she tells the Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes show his record. It could also decrease his sentence. Retired feedings police sergeant Darren Burge tells KTAR MAC and Gaydos that Phoenix police were smart about asking the public for input on this case because it also helped to pinpoint them in the right direction. There's probably some female, nurses, or female, employees that may have some information they can share. And that's why Tommy did a great job putting out silent witness. They can say anonymous provide this Intel Birch says there could be other victims in this case. It's a pitch. Gerald is not ready to ride off into the sunset. Just yet. Cardinal's president and CEO, Michael Bidwell made this big reveal today with Doug and wolf on ninety eight seven FM Arizona's sport's station where he's coming back for his sixteenth season. And we are thrilled. I've been talking to him over the last couple of weeks and his passion his drive is determination. It's like his rookie year. Did well says Fitz bleeds cardinal red and is excited to work with new head coach cliff Kingsbury was a deadly Bank shooting in central Florida today, at least five people have been killed see bring police chief Carl Hoglund says the gunman was taken into custody after a swat team entered the SunTrust Bank branch, gentlemen, that's been taken into custody as a result of this as a gentleman by the name of Zaphon saver. He's twenty one years of age and lives here and Seabourn city. Phoenix today honored a hero with eleven years on forty-five-year-old, Phoenix firefighter. Rick tell.

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