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The flames from jumping the interstate cars just feet away east of los angeles planes and choppers swooping in to douse flames spreading fast in two hundred ninety degree heat in northern california near the oregon border the situation turning deadly officials say one person died in a wildfire that exploded overnight to eight thousand acres colorado crews still battling to get an upper hand on a fire north of aspen burned three homes to the ground or clayton sandell spoke to one family there who lost thirty two years worth of memories at twelve thirty you could still see the lights on in the house when i came back at five thirty this morning across the west dry hot conditions could mean a long road ahead for firefighters maybe she's well car reporting teams in thailand as jasper rescue the twelve boys ner soccer coach trapped in that cave may have a plan to free them meanwhile oxygen supplies are dwindling with so many people in that cave as well abc's james longman has been following this story all week the time for waiting is over originally ruled out his too dangerous rescue is now believe they may have no choice but to dive the boys through the maze of flooded passageways the new danger oxygen levels in that cave posing a significant threat to the survival officials say there is a limited amount of time to get the boys and that coach out with flooding rains closing in thai navy seals proposed use a buddy dive system guiding them on that treacherous journey nearly three miles to the mouth of the cave extended distances a completely underwater the risky open could begin in the next twenty four hours according to an internal us government report obtained by abc news the us parts of the international effort on the ground the death of a full matai navy seal a stark reminder of the perils they'll face 38yearolds gounon losing consciousness on a return die from where the boys stranded could not be revived a military transport draped in white and black ribbon carrying his body to the airport but many now also if the trip claimed the life of a skill diver to the boys the youngest just eleven stand any chance the seal death sent shockwaves through the camp and it's really made everyone thinks about getting those boys out as quick as possible imagine how much more rain will fall and how much more water could seep into those caves officials say they've been learning to breathe underwater plan b drill through the solid rock to reach the voice from above teams have tried more than one hundred holes but have not yet found a way to get to them the boys have been underground for two weeks that parents sending them letters inside the cave desperately waiting for their safe return perhaps you notice what the holiday this past week gas.

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