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And sadly we've had yet another reminded this week that the pandemic is not over yet. With melvin backing lockdown for seven days as a result most is trillion states territories except new south wales as well as new zealand have re imposed border restrictions on travellers from melvin from victoria. Despite this domestic travel in australia overrule has recovered pretty well and infect over the past fortnight all of the majors trillion airlines have announced even more new domestic flight routes from august qantas will had direct flights from adelaide to townsville cans and hide as well as sydney and know when to townsville and gold coast quotas will also resume its own flights from sydney to larou- From march next year adding a second option of and jetstar in addition quotas will soon be flying more airbus dahlan during the peak upcoming dry-season qantas will fly three cities from sydney and brisbane dow up to twice a day. And once a day from melvin stone and that means that. If you're flying from darwin to sydney oh been on one of those overnight red eye flights for business class he might get a life flatbed qantas also upgraded one of its daily sydney to perth. Flights to a boeing seven. Eight seven from this week. The seven eight seven has forty to lie flat business class seats that a normally used on international long haul flights and the planes are also fitted with premium economy cabin now qantas point be selling the premium economy seats so instead they going to be available to select for free as long as they're still available by gold platinum and platinum one frequent flyers. So that's nice little upgrade if you flying on q. f. six four five from sydney to perth or q. F. six eight from perth to sydney this week also the launch of quotas embraer one ninety flights operated by alliance. Eight lines on the adelaide. Alice springs at darwin and adelaide routes and if member goes by the handle of fly doc was on the inaugural flight from adelaide alice springs and they described as perfectly adequate.

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