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I just saw that this second it just makes sense that we are fanning the flames night this time this is not good yeah I saw the tweet it was a shocking thing to say that I won't dignify it with any further comment the move comes as president trump has taken a tough line against protesters have been demonstrating after the killing of George Floyd a new this morning several states are seeing spikes in covert nineteen cases including Texas and Florida Dr Umair Shah is the executive director of Harris county's public health department he told CNBC he's concerned about the rising numbers in and around the Houston area and the inconsistent message being sent by government officials it's a tough question you know I I will say that there was a contribution to our re opening across the country right re opening means you're gonna have increased people getting together and and potential for transmission but what we don't know is how much that has contributed we also know when I call it is a layering of fact it's all the re opening but on top of that it's milestone events like mother's day Memorial Day weekend you know activities graduations and all come in to play then and it becomes really hard today and untangle it I'm sure you're watching your hospitals very closely what can you tell us tonight how close to capacity or emergency rooms and and hospitals in general well you know we've been watching a lot of indicators are our county leadership led by judge Lina Hidalgo and and even in the city with marathoner there's been a lot of real activity we've been working with our Texas Medical Center colleagues you know TMC Texas Medical Center is the largest in the world and they're in the incredible amount of institutions I'm M. S. twenty year you know number of TMC institutions what.

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