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I heart dot com coming up right after Pat would urge news at the bottom of the hour we are going to head to Oakland and talk with former raider first round draft pick Lincoln Kennedy he was really drafted by the Atlanta Falcons but he was a number one draft pick he is now in the greater broadcast booth what the one and only Brent Musburger it's the second near Lincoln Kennedy has been in the broadcast booth for the raiders we will get his thoughts on the game on Sunday against Denver all sold thoughts about leaving for Vegas from Oakland thoughts about Derek Carr will he be the quarterback of the raiders next year in two thousand twenty and if you have a question for Lincoln Kennedy you can text us at five six six nine zero that's five six six nine zero and if you're a raider fan then you've got some special to ask linking Kennedy or if you wanna just to ask him something about the game I'll try to get it in that five six six nine zero that's our techs number now I'm not sure if you remember this but I remember it very vividly it was about twenty years ago nineteen ninety nine the Broncos beat the raiders in overtime Lincoln Kennedy was on that team so was Charles what's and Charles Watson and the raiders and linking Kennedy they were getting bombarded by snowballs by Bronco fans raise your hand if you remember that okay well linking Kennedy got hit with a snowball and went up into the stands and beat the guy hit the track pretty good gonna fight with them I was talking to David Kaelin the newsroom earlier and he brought up that story immediately he's like linking Kenny the candy the snowball guy so that's why I'm very of in Denver yeah well he got hit by a snowball only one in the the the the stands and grab the guy and I thought that was up quick flight Lincoln Kennedy is a big big man three hundred and thirty five pounds six foot six when he played I don't think I'd throw a snowball at him but not one of the more proud moments for Broncos country when they were throwing snowballs at that game against the hated raiders I may bring that up to him if I bring it up to a mile apologize for the route this that certain Bronco fan showed that day but linking Kennedy will join us at nine thirty six this morning is it's the final home game of the two thousand nineteen season for the Denver Broncos think about this the Broncos having the opportunity to finish the season winners of four of their last five games and with a winning record at home for the thirty third time in team history think about that the Bronco started own four with a win on Sunday the Broncos would have won four of their last five games and finish with a winning record at home definitely a springboard into the two thousand and twenty season in the eleven o'clock hour we're also going to have Mike Klis on our Broncos insider at channel five Mike Klis will get us ready for a busy offseason that the Broncos will be having as far as signing free agents re signing free agents who stays who goes the good news as we don't have to worry about a coaching change we've had a lot of those lately here in Denver going back to coach fox and then going to Gary Kubiak and then go on to Vance Johnson and now coach Fangio so did I say Vance Johnson I math fans chance a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos fan skills thank you grant cell good news is we won't have a coaching change some pumped up about that but in the eleven o'clock hour we're gonna give you a chance to win by playing in our college football yes the score contest some lucky winners going to receive an unbelievable gift from us here at the voice of Colorado K. away we're gonna ask you to give us the total number of points scored in both the Ohio state Clemson game and the LSU Oklahoma game was give us the winner of each game that will do that after our interview with Chris Harris junior and if you are the winner I promise you you will get a magnificent price from us here at K. O. a lot of things I know the Broncos are out of the playoffs like yeah that were not happy about it but there are some unbelievable all playoff scenarios on Sunday week seventeen the biggest one is the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco forty Niners think about this if San Francisco wins at Seattle where they haven't won there in years if Savitz San Francisco beat Seattle on Sunday San Francisco wins the game and I mean San Francisco clinches home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs all they have to do is go to see Evelyn went Seattle is very banged up Seattle is an underdog Seattle as an underdog at home under Pete Carroll it's fifteen and five does that matter in the game on Sunday considering how beat up the Seahawks are so San Francisco if they win at Seattle on Sunday they are the number one seed in the NFL the end of C. skews me now if Seattle wins the game they are the number one seed only of Green Bay and New Orleans lose but Seattle can clinch the NFC west division with the win and they don't have the same opportunity as San Francisco but San Francisco would move to number five in the playoff rankings if they win their number one home field all the way through if they lose their number five if Seattle wins their number three Seattle loses their number five is Minnesota right now is supplanted at number six in the AFC things are pretty much settled Baltimore's already clinched the AFC north they have home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs Houston has clinched the AFC south Kansas city the A. F. C. west and New England the AFC east buffalo is in the playoffs and that leaves so if Kansas city wins they have a first round bye if New England was if if New England wins New England is the number two seed Kansas city is the number three seed four Bronco fans all one can clinch a playoff berth if they beat Denver Pittsburgh loses their plane Baltimore Tennessee losers they're playing Houston Indiana Indianapolis wins against Jacksonville so with the number one thing Denver has to do to keep all planned out of the playoffs is to beat them on Sunday and I think they have a very good chance they're currently a favorite over the Oakland Oakland Raiders soon to be the Las Vegas raider sold their share playoff scenario Tennessee clinches a playoff berth with a Tennessee wind they would be these six C. or if Pittsburgh loses and Indianapolis lucis there's a lot of things for pitch for Pittsburgh to clinch the division so you have the sixth seed in the AFC still out there with Pittsburgh Tennessee in Oakland still alive and then everybody's clenched in the NFC except the Dallas and Philadelphia the winner in Philly wins they are in the Philly wins loses in Dallas wins Dallas is in as the NFC east so there you have it hope but that wasn't too confusing a little confusing for me as I was reading at but you get scenario the biggest thing is to take away from that Denver needs to beat Oakland keep open out of the playoffs and the biggest game game number two fifty six the final game of the NFL regular season is Seattle and San Francisco in see at all that game kicks off at six twenty PM Sunday night on in B. C. that should that's a must see game for me all right the college football games are in full swing beginning today with five games including the the last one of the night Air Force at verses of Washington state you have North Carolina playing tennis temple this morning at ten o'clock you've got Michigan state and wait for a's we've got Oklahoma state and Texas a and M. you've got the airforce game as I mentioned and there's one more than I did not tell you about USC in Iowa I like U. S. C. in that game I don't think I what can score enough points Iowa relies on their defense I know the pac ten hasn't done well in bowl games although Washington did beat Boise state but overall the pac ten usually doesn't do well in bowl games however I think USC wins that game tonight at six o'clock on Fox Sports one and then at ten o'clock tonight eight o'clock our time you've got airforce versus Washington state I'm going with the academy I think for Calhoun has done a great job down there think about this they're going to win if they win the win a Levin games in one season eleven out of thirteen I did tell you earlier today this is a good news Friday the stock market continues to rise I wanted to share some numbers with you the Dow Jones is at twenty eight thousand seven hundred right now close to seven hundred and ten years ago it was that ten thousand five hundred and twenty the nasdaq is over nine thousand ten years ago it was twenty two sixty nine the S. and P. is at thirty to forty ten years ago it was at eleven fifteen now if you would just put your money even today if you just put your money in the stock market in those indexes que they have these electronic they ETFs and they it's a conglomeration of a bunch of stocks in certain categories you can buy the nasdaq the S. and P. and if you just put your money in there close the drawer and not look at it every day because we have the greatest economy in the strongest economy in the world I promise you that ten years from now twenty years from now that things will grow I shouldn't be giving you stock I shouldn't be given out stock advice that I I should be doing that but I'm just telling yeah the market continues to be a good place for your money as long as you don't try to time at all right don't forget we have this morning Lincoln Kennedy coming up at nine thirty five all if I if you were with us yesterday I told you the family was headed to the **** hotel for the search day holiday show and it was an acrobatic circus that was really fun and enjoyable great way to spend an afternoon it's about seventy five minutes long these acrobats are absolutely incredible incredible and then if you've never been to the **** hotel out by tower road and Pena Boulevard have you been there yet grant now I have I've been the one in Nashville before never the one here I'm a tell yeah it is a it is a phenomenon just itself I hear it's like a it's own indoor city basically yeah I will tell you if you go there you stay there you won't leave because there is so many things to do it it's Jain normais it is beautiful it is clean I was blown away by the **** hotel and you don't even have to go to an event there we happen to go to this acrobatics circus that was there Sir okay Sir day holiday I think it was called and it was fun but just to go out there and walk around the bar area as the lights around the place great opportunity to spend some time with the family out there anyway I ran into former Bronco kicker David tried while I saw him his lovely wife Lisa I met their three kids for the first time if you remember David Treadwell had twin boys and a daughter they're all getting blown up and David take care for the Broncos from eighty nine to ninety two all right we are getting ready to get you through this Friday as we head to the weekend the lots of bowl games coming up but coming up next a first round draft pick a pro ball or his name is Lincoln Kennedy he's gonna fill us in on the raider Bronco game Sunday right here on the voice of Colorado okay a legends.

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