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Thanks for listening to the best of the odd couple podcasts. Be sure to catch us. Live every weekday from seven. Pm the ten pm eastern four to seven pacific on fox sports radio find your local station for the odd couple of fox sports radio dot com or stream. It live every day on the iheartradio app by searching f as. You're listening to the best of the odd couple with chris. Bruce parker the couple. I'm chris broussard alongside my partner kid harker there. We go here coming to. You live from the fox. Sports radio studio You can guess which one of which member of the odd couple pig. That song play the flits. Of course rob parker. What's up man. happy anniversary. Happy anniversary. Mr chris bussard somehow someway. They've made it through every years full-time one day the storms through the rain through all that we made it and i'm glad brothers been a great three years and four to at least another three. We signed the contract. That's right old people a few weeks ago so we'll be at least another three years at hopefully longer and yeah. You know like the one. The saying chris radio for a long time. I got my first show in nineteen ninety-four in detroit but it ain't easy getting a car couple crews still why you gotta let me ask you. Did you have another show called the cup. That's all right that's all. I'm just not on national sports. Talk radio k. not on national. It was in detroit but my point is that it ain't easy to get a partner and have chemistry people try. They try all the time you talked to anybody in radio radio executives listeners. It ain't that easy and it doesn't mean that you have to be happy. Mapping everything is perfect. That's not as it's about a chemistry about does it work. Can they work together. Does sound good. You know what i mean. And and that's where we are. And i don't take that for granted. Okay i get mad some days and i don't get peeled or whatever you want to make some days. I'm glad i'm not in the studio. Yes but but i appreciate that. We are different people but we have mutual respect. So that's that's the part that that hasn't doesn't go away and twenty-five years eve we knew each other even before we did this radio show. Well i think it's twenty nine years why not. I believe we may need to do to at the detroit in a bj national conference in detroit. Yes and rob was the big time you would a big time. Cincinnati reds beat writer. All about big blacks reporters looked up. He covers it's like yo- crazy man. It was great from the beginning. And you you were. You know always humble. Yeah i mean. I think anybody that knows you know. You've always gone out of your way to help nurture young reporters and mentor young reporters and give advice and that includes me. That includes stephen. Smith that includes many others that people know that are now household names and so i appreciate your friendship more than anything. And you're right about the chemistry like it's something you can't really predict you can't you. Can't noah right by the don martin. Are you know we gotta give him props the executive here fox sports radio. Who heard you when i had to end his own. Podcast like my first couple years. If i was one and you were a guest and you know we just did our thing and don you know. Contact was like y'all well. He didn't say that but he was. Like hey you. Guys got great chemistry. Why are you on the radio together. We were each doing weekend shows with other people by and he started talking to us about you. Guys should do a radio show together. And then and then scott shapiro our boss also got in on it and two of those guys just ran with it and thought that we would make a great team and they did something just for historical and this is it. We could go move onto our topics but they just these guys put onto black is as co host of a national sports. Talk radio show and we believe it has never been done not to and you had the two live stews. But they only we're on about twenty markets and exactly two live stews no doubt about it. they had a smaller national platform. We're on about four hundred stations around the country and it's never been done before and give fox. Sports radio premiere networks. Don morin scott shapiro julie talbert and everybody else attached to it. Give them props for saying we're going to do something different. And that's what they did so here. We are three years in the books. Were so proud and happy and happy with the listeners. And people make this show every day. Rob g alex all update people. Yes elijah egger every body to ask finn. Bryant been lead lead the lap all of thank crew. Yes thank you very much We we're excited to have guys working with us as we have been the last three years. All right Dj alex is on the ones and twos lee. Delap will we just mention is producing a day for rob g and on the updates. I believe it is. Steve disabled all right. So let's get into it last night. good game. You know very exciting down to the wire you gotta misfield goal and then all sides that gets another chance. I mean those those penalties. Chris they kill you they kill you will rob. That's what i want to say quickly. And i know you got something to say. The giants fans should be enraged. I'm not even a giants fan. And i was enraged watching that game route because we know how.

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