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There was a little bit of people kind of rooting for him to fail. Yeah, I think so. Yeah, that's too bad, but good movie. Yeah, Fisher king another great one, Robin, you feel like you had to up your funny game when you were working with them? No, I was. I was a little concerned, you know him being such a, you know, brilliant comedian that this had some serious stuff in it and I get worrying about, you know, I I had this one scene where he's supposed to be in a coma, unconscious. And I've this big monologue and I can't be frightened that he would be trying to bust my chops. But he was just the opposite. Yes, so so supportive and such a wonderful, wonderful man. What. From, and then the other side, you know, talking about the comic genius, you know. You had the director. Gilliam is much of wild kid is rob. Sometimes we'd be shooting late in early in the morning, four o'clock in the morning. Everybody's dragging. Robert would just get up plant his feet and do like ten minutes of bus. And everybody's chops around in crew. You know, and most directors would push l. k. let's get back to work. Harry egg him on and it would go on for a half hour till it. We just got into the state, you know. And then we have jus to continue the scenes. And I remember that you narrated the documentary on Terry's donkey. Hello, Don Quixote movie. What's going on. Man, he got it made. I haven't seen him ever talked to Terry in a long time, so happy that he got it made. Yeah, I'm looking forward to that one for you. Yeah, you know, thinking about you just the other day, watching the Brit Cavanaugh hearings. Got me. Thinking about the contender. I understand that you are Obama's favorite movie president right? Heard that that was very sweet. I'd like that. Yeah, yeah. No. One of my favorite lines in that was when you talk about the shark sandwich. The president can order whatever he wants to get a shark sandwich, wouldn't you. We're going to take a quick break, and then I'll return with more with Jeff bridges when we come back in just a minute..

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