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About things slightly behind that? Is it in Green Bay with drafting Jordan love and everybody thought we think wide receiver. Balls fell there. Scant, Ling was Are there there there stepping it up right now and a Ron was facing and Green Bay who I think a lot of people probably take a step back this year. Looks right on point. I think that's AH feel good story itself. What do you think? But then I think it's an excellent story, and Shelby appreciate the kind words and the phone calls. Here's all I'll say about Rogers. That could have got very toxic now going into this season. I thought they were going to win the division something, though, when I was trying to figure out and Minnesota's off to a terrible start onto and they just lost the Anthony Bar for the season, and Kirk Cousins was terrible yesterday. When I was trying to figure out what was the difference, though, and what was going to decide Packers and the Vikings something that really stuck out to me. Was how Rogers has handled the Jordan love situation because if he came in if he patted about it now he was honest to some degree is well. What he did, though, was he kind of nip all the distractions right in the bud. That's what he did. He did an honest interview as honest as he could be with Kyle Brandt. He answered questions about it from the start, and he didn't let this storyline linger. Now we'll come back up because eventually the next 34 years they're gonna have to move on from him. You would think when you take Jordan love in the first round and you trade up to get him. And the Packers by doing that they started to start the time clock on the end of Ann Rogers in Green Bay the way he handled that, though he didn't allow this story to get out of line. And through two weeks to see and dominate week one and then play well the other day, even though they were down early to the Lions, and then they came back in the line. Surprise, surprise, choked the way another lead this time. You see if you were alliance, then you knew that this was coming up against the bears. You thought you would be able to probably slammed the door shut and it got late into the fourth this one, The Packers were able to establish a lead right at the end of the first half. I am impressed with what I've seen out of Rogers. What I'm saying I am. And I know we take him for granted. He's developing a nice relationship. Lazar who I know he loves going backto last year, Marcus Valdas Scantlin almost made that catch down the right sideline couldn't get a foot in But he's been a good player for them. I still question of Green Bay could win a Super Bowl this year because I don't love the defense. I don't love the second options. Rogers, though he's on a mission. And when you look at the NSC going into the I thought it was the bucks The Saints The 40, Niners and the Seahawks and after two weeks 40 Niners, they're dealing with the bevy of injuries. Bucks. We haven't seen the full product yet. I'm still believer in them. Saints just lost Michael Thomas. He'll come back, though, and Seattle's been as good as advertised. So you try to see who's going to be that next team to emerge. No. One in the NFC East. Then if he stinks If you look at the rest of the NFC North It's just Green Bay. In the South. It's the two teams like we mentioned in the NFC West Tennessee What's been the best division in football, not just me understand? Best division in football. They have one loss and the long lost came in division Rams to at home. Cardinals to unknown Seahawks to a new home and then you have the 40 Niners at one on one and I got to tell you the Rams are Super Bowl team after two weeks now, Um, I got to tell you that The Cardinals are Super Bowl team, even though they could start the 50 with their opponents would have the next few games. I think they got Detroit They got the Panthers and they got the Jets so they should start five other cardinals, but they're not a super old team. So if Green Bay who wasn't great last year and got Tennessee Championship game, if you keep on getting Rogers, Adams and Jones playing at the level they have been to the first two weeks. Maybe That's a team that could get too, Sir. But I'm not ready to go there yet that they will It's very telling, though, and what this season could have been? And maybe if it would've got ugly with all the distractions, Rogers, though he kind of eliminated that storyline very early. He has now we'll come back up again. He's done a nice job. They'll handling that distraction. It probably does help that early on in his career, he had to replace Brett Farve idiot to deal with that draft pick and having a sit for a few years, So he gets this And I think he's handled it in a pretty damn nice shop. He is. It can't be easy because I'm sure is not happy with some that organization. He's not letting it affect in, though. And Roger's done a nice shot open up the year to know..

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