Robert Muller, White House, Rudy Giuliani discussed on Sean Hannity


Counsel, Robert Muller's found report on Russian election meddling made public. Fox's John decker at the White House has details on some reaction to the report. The president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani is claiming the redacted version of the mullahs report fully exonerates the president. He was an innocent man being accused of something he didn't do the president in remarks earlier called the mother investigation a hoax still the White House's fully aware that congressional Democrats will further explore Muller's findings. Meaning the special counsel's report is the beginning of. Of more investigations on Capitol Hill at the White House, Jon decker, Fox News. New York congressman from both sides of the political aisle responding to release the redacted motor report James flippin has more democratic Representative judiciary committee chairman Jerry Nadler says unless the full unredacted report and its underlying evidence or made public accountability. And transparency are an issue attorney general William bar said there was no obstruction New York's senior Senator Chuck Schumer co authoring a statement saying that special counsel, Robert Muller's report undercuts that fact, Long Island Republican Peter King says AG bars presentation was well thought out honest and a stark contrast from what he calls, Trump derangement syndrome, James flippin WGN news in other news arrest of Schenectady police officer in Utica Schenectady. Police say they were contacted by Utica police early this morning Schenectady police say that detective Steven Nelson was allegedly involved in an off-duty altercation in the city reportedly striking a bouncer at a bar early this morning. That's some other media report. Are saying he's been arrested by Utica police activity. Police say they're currently investigating the incident a domestic incident the town of burn Albany county sheriffs say they received a call from the female victims saying she wanted to report a domestic violence incident. Sheriffs say during their investigation, they discovered twenty eight year old Travis Richardson of burn used a towel to strangle the woman to the point where she lost consciousness sheriff's deputies say that portions of the incident occurred in the presence of the couples two young children Richardson facing six charges, including felony strangulation charge. It's been sent to the Albany county jail female victim taken to a local hospital for evaluation. Order of protection has issued for the victim during the arraignment Weather Channel back on the air after a quote militias software attack on the network channels morning show. AM HQ was unable to go on the air this morning at six due to the issue it instead aired heavy rescue 4._0._1. till just after seven thirty networks at it was experiencing technical difficulties this morning.

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