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Our next guest. Spent nearly twenty years hosting getting the midday show at one or two point one the edge. She's been performing onstage in one form or another since she was a nine year old in the Toronto suburb burbot pickering. Today she hosts the popular morning. Show on Indie eighty-eight. She is a runner and avid supporter of a number of causes and charities locally Oh Kelly and as a huge inspiration to many women in TV and radio across the city and country. Please welcome to the show. Our two hundred guest west and mom of two adorable boys Josie. Di Hi beautiful thank you. He's good at that. Yeah that was really nice. I'll sit down greg so one of the things that we do like to do with Kareem. Were very patriotic right. Absolutely right we support our our Canadian teams and everything so we like to start off our podcast with the national anthem. And what we usually do we ask our guest I so I mean like come on. That'd be funny in two thousand and that's it it's over the next go. Hey wait for those this not inside baseball show so for those. Who Don't know you sang? Shang Yup do till stories your story. I sang the national anthem. Can you swear on your choice. Absolutely okay I did it for a television show. I fucked it up. I was probably of everybody. WHO's ever fucked up the anthem in the world? I think I was rated number two you behind Roseanne Barr. I sold the rights to this youtube. Well my actual video to funniest home videos one ten thousand dollars for it from there. I pivoted the worst thing that happened to me into a national radio show which across Canada from there I sold the trust. Trust that I did on the actual. Oh Canada on Ebay and I think I spring boarded probably one of the worst worst things to happen to me in to the best thing that happened to me. So if you ever get a chance to fuck up or Canada yes do it. Ten thousand dollars. I ten thousand per Erik. I actually got to almost sixty thousand dollars from US come on ESPN so ESPN financial home videos. This is I do believe owned by the same company so they aired it a lot and then they had to pay me royalties so great. That's a good deal. I know here I thought that would just give me some quick little bit to make a move on and actually did a Ted talk about it and I've been talking a lot about it and people everywhere I've really interested in and how what what what happened. And how you get from that kind of a situation and move on from it because it's really horrible to go through something like that. Ah The the humiliation is just horrible. People think they're always prepared for something but they're never prepared for that kind of humiliation. I I can't imagine what it'd be like to be a celebrity and you know have something in the media occur dash in or something like that so I think you just gotTa take the best of what comes your way and and I own it now and I'm even cool with hearing. It sometimes sometimes can sing a lot right now. They're learning it in school. They come home singing. I'm I'm like Oh no foreign six. I might one day. You'll know when they're under fifteen and they're pissed off with you. They're going to turn it on. Walk in the door. Don't tell me what so growing up in pickering Yummy now you've been on the radio for fifteen years. Were you always a fan of radio. Yes yes I was so I wanted to be a singer and I. It wasn't right and my come from a family of musicians and my dad said to me. You know if you are going to be anything in music he'll do that on your own so make sure you actually go into university for something else just in case to have a fallback and I couldn't think of anything I wanted to do. Except for the fact I listened to the radio all the time to hear music and so I kind of chose that woods which stations where you're listening to. Oh my God I like six forty. It was like the hog or something the thing back then or I don't know six eighty two I'm talking. I was really young so way back music on succeeding. Music was on six eighty. I also also would listen to humble and Fred on. CSM Y yeah and six eighty six forty. I would just basically turned from one to the other. I really just listen for the music and then when I heard a broadcaster I'd kind of try to do the same thing. They did interesting when when I think about like your time at at the edge. CF and why. I think about a lot of the strong female. Broadcasters like you think of May and thank you took over for me I took over for Kelly or Kelley may before four. Maybe four may was somebody that I used to listen to all the time all the time. So was there. I wasn't there. She had just left to do but she was in the building because she she was doing six forty so yeah she was definitely somebody who i. I loved listening to her. On the raiders. The sound of her voice so so it was soothing. I actually heard her do a commercial. I guess the edge yesterday and it made me me think. Oh my God. I'm back in the nineties of CFM white and there was really cool was there was there a a DJ or or a host television radio. That you'll looked up to at that time was it was. It was probably may say so for sure. Yeah I would probably say for sure. She was the one that I think. I've I've always told her that she'd be the one that I would try to mimic and I do a lot of recording on in Maine like my little tape deck and then I would try to put myself take her out for me and so yeah so you did you. Did you go to college or university. Radio and television radio and television. So you knew right away. This is what you wanted to do now. I mean it's weird so I was was always wanted to be a singer. I was in musical theater. My parents put me in it like when I was really young. I'm did musicals in the city and I started interning at ninety nine point nine when I was before university so my parents were always like you need to know and you need to go for what. Oh you WANNA do in like grade nine. So when I was in grade ten I took the bus down to the city to Internet. Ninety nine point nine so I kind of already had that and then And then I want university. I just thought I'll probably do radio or TV RADIO AND TV program. So I knew I was going to do one of the two nine point nine. I'm before University University University. I was interning for be and then I came over to ninety nine point nine and I was a producer and then in my second year at University versity I started doing four. Am to five am on Aaron Saturday nights. Just talk or just talk three times like over the song that's that's it come in life from four. Am to five am on a Saturday night. That's crazy yeah. Did you get to play your own music. No no I just talked to three retouched. Yeah nothing else. That's don't just give her the Mike for a little while just to shut me up because I just wanted it so bad. The program director was like all right. It give you one hour on a Saturday night just to shut you up so you talked about doing theater child do you. Do you remember your first performed yet. I I don't know if you remember I I think it's still exists the limelight dinner theatre. Why my dinner theater every Jew believe it's still on Eglington on young street? Yeah so I did that. S- played the role of Morillas in the music man. And that was. I was in grade four and I had a tutor. I didn't. I went to school halftime and had a tutor. Wows crazy. Oh you and greg known each other for how long ten years ten years ten years outside outside of music and travel. There's something the two of you have in common like. If you go back to when you were nine years old hickory cream music the music man. You're the music. No who did you play. Throw my long. Anybody know what this musical savell is. It a screw is like God stop talking talking about. Nobody wants to hear musical. Tell us about. What was the music man about? Oh my God Craig. So it's it's basically a guy who comes into town and the town things do a gift or I guess he will say and he comes in to teach the kids how to play music and and it seems like it's this hoax. He's not like he does go from town to the town is a conure. It goes from town to town but he falls in love with winthrop's sister right. If I'm remember this correctly Marion as she was a music teachers who was the music teacher and Amaryllis or as winthrop would have said umbrella umbrella list he so ridiculous winthrop winthrop and of course being whatever ninety eight years old. I use it. You would like the musical right. Yeah you're the music Oh context and you play the music underneath. We'll do we'll do better than the music. Why don't we activate okay? So here's That's line that that'll be like all right. I'll play Mrs Peru. I am so sorry mess rule do you. You know my role. What's your rule? I haven't radio role. Now that myself and Matin Carlin we have already decided and we have a few radio rules on the morning show and our rule number one never act ever ever no acting involved. You'll just recite the lines here. We go. I'm having a party on Saturday. I'd like you to come Well I'm a realist. Asked you to her party are you going are not more. No unless you know what no thank you have. This already worked town fake. ooh You know the little girl's name my apart. Where Am I? Where am I when this one? I bet he won't say it and I do remember who went Thorpe. No thank you morillas. I'm a real morale.

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