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Or visit diameter that work at slash cemeteries focus on the white house president trump heads the wisconsin design and executive order intended to stop foreign workers from taking american jobs president will sign the by and hire american order on a trip to a scranton's all made in america snap on tools coveting it's basically immigration order the tells government agencies to be sure foreign workers aren't doing jobs americans may want that includes the age one b visa program which companies can use to bring in special skilled workers to the country often replacing americans with the same skill abc's andy field in washington one of the more light hearted duties of the president the trumps the birth white house destroyed role happy easter have a great great time james live music the reading of children's books and of course lots of rolling thanks to a little rain and organizer delays the crowd smaller than last year twenty thousand tickets for the washington tradition dating back to the eighteen hundreds kenneth moton abc news from the south of the white house richard cantu abc news maddie jersey's first news five eighteen traffic in the news this hour now here's new jersey fast driving apparently an overturned tractor trailer still out there northbound on the turnpike kids in the truck lanes over by interchange seventy have that right lane blocked pretty good start state parkway's those repairs both ways on route to eighty exit seventeen towards thirteen construction on the eastbound side route seventy eight aches eleven towards twelve not too bad if you're leaving new jersey with the bridges tunnels this report brought to you by lead save america lead poisoning just problem of the past will think he can't one.

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