New York City, Governor Andrew Cuomo, New Hampshire discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Calling it mask transit as New York is getting tougher about mask wearing on subways and buses mask up or get fined starting tomorrow. That's the rule in New York for people taking public transit Governor Andrew Cuomo says, as New York City and other areas take further steps to reopen. He expects an uptick in mass transit and wants people to take mask wearing seriously. Those who don't wear them on public transportation can be fined $50, the governor says it's to help convince people it's safe to ride subways, buses and other train's empty, officials say Mask compliance is already high 96% on buses and 90% on subways, but they want to increase those numbers and have already handed out four million masks to writers for free. In New York City, Tanya I powers Fox News. She didn't exactly get the support of the Republican Party. Buddy, self proclaimed transsexual Anarchist has won the GOP nomination for sheriff in the New Hampshire County Aria Di Meso, a self described transsexual Satan ist anarchists just won the GOP nomination for the sheriff's job in Cheshire County, New Hasher She says her win proves the system is utterly and hopelessly broken semester was unopposed and guarded more than 4200 votes. She says she ran because she opposed the system, calling it a lie broken from beginning to end. She will now campaign against four term incumbent Democratic Sheriff Eli Rivera. MSO supports decriminalizing drugs, illegal immigration and sex work. She also wants Chester County to secede from both New Hampshire and the US, and she says she's looking forward to debating her opponent. Sue Guzman, Fox News residents of Bermuda are urged to prepare to protect.

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