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Next year in Warwick wasn't immediately clear that journal says based on the organization of Warwick city government, what the mayor has done behind closed doors. What he told the kids to assure the protesters that they will play sports, once again, this full Salomon later told reporters in his office that he had told the students about his initial point of view that sports, we'll be back in the fall. So he said, I think they needed the reassurance, and he said my plans while I volunteer. Really relinquish that to them. They were very pleased that we're we're all in the same page. But right now, everything seems big one of those plans. Hopefully, we find out soon the kids find out soon to impart the plan that Salomon referred to involve a readiness to use money on the city's side of the ledger to keep sports in place. So the door is still open a crack. Maybe even more than a crack for sports to be played in Warwick this year. That would be good. Complaints apparently against Rhode Island's medical transport vendor is on the client also good news has Susan Campbell from I witness news ongoing problem. Yeah. Milton. Thomas was supposed to get a ride to a doctor's appointment Monday with Mt 'em. So they had a provider, and that the opt out kept telling me that there was going to be as another pilot gonna pick me up, which never happened across the state, thousands of people like Milton rely on the states known emergency medical transportation, provider to get to appointments. Aesthetic is really a hassle, but overall MDM service has dramatically improved since the beginning of the year in January, the state received almost twelve hundred complaints about Mt 'em for issues including missed or late rides in February the number of complaints tumbled to four hundred seventy two then fast forward to may just two hundred seventy five complaints that number represents less than one percent of all trips, according to David Leveque ca spokesperson, for the state's executive office of health and human services. He said the industry standard for complaints is between three and five percent. It doesn't make it okay? For Milton, the stats don't we much while people, people that need gestation is really a big problem, and DMC? Oh, Elena Mathea said there will always be challenges because of things like weather and traffic. She also said, we are pleased to be exceeding the expectation of our contract, but are focused.

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