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All the spoilers will be yours right if the gun brilliant only go here we go ernest client talking to ben travis about ready player one enjoy so i'm thrilled to be joined on the empire podcast spoiler special ready player one by the author of the book the producer and the co writes the script and his klein hi thanks for having me how you doing i'm doing pretty great i imagine you must couple of years ago you you were there was massively influenced by steven spielberg and now these years later he has made a film of your book can you tell me a little about your first meeting with him and the first time you discussed ready play one together yeah it was you know it was one of the greatest days in my life he invited me to come and neat with him at amblin pictures which is kind of a place that i'd always dreamed of visiting had seen pictures of and seeing you know an interviews but had never actually been there so we're telling people that i felt like charlie bucket clutching his golden ticket going to be really wonka for the first time and amblin was like you know like the his magical chocolate factory of movie making and their film props and when you walk into amblin you pass this wishing well wishing welcome back to the future that mardian is siblings earlene against in the photo that slowly fades away so right they're like oh this is the place and there's lots raptor mcevers made by stan winston and the foyer and then i walked into his office inside down and i'm waiting.

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