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People like freaked out and they were like what is what is this i my kids watch different strokes and now the maytag repairman is touching arnold jackson and so one of the things that they did was they used to have a student we can market is a very special episode in a warn people where the families can watch together so very special episode was also just a cop out this controversial please prepare yourself yeah exactly i mean when when you think on the family the first episode of that there was such disclaimer on it it was like do not watch the show we have nothing to do with it if you hate cbs after this we didn't put us on the air so you know there's there is there was a fear you know was there was always a christian group that was saying it so it sort of had to be like here comes the lesson the other thing is that there's also something about saying a very special episode which is you know specific to the idea that this story can be told him one episode and one of the things that i felt like when i started when i in the pilot episode of parenthood when i was thinking about whether or not to include the story about autism in the show one of the things that made me really hesitate to do it and struggle about about whether or not to do it was the fact that i really not seen a show you deal with an issue like that in a real ongoing basis like i knew from personal experience.

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