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Degree in education and social science. And one of the things I learned in my education courses. There were a couple. The first rule of education is ventilation because of it's too warm in the room. Everybody will fall asleep. They won't learn anything. And that goes from being hungry or so you're hungry. You don't learn But the other is That education is what's left? When you for gotten everything you ever learned. Yeah. And, um I'm wondering now that we are 12.5 years. After The trip to Ireland. Can you summarize in one sentence? What Is left from that experience, and then we'll go into the next segment start really digging in From that experience. That's a tough drug. One sentence, I would say. We were Privilege to Experienced the crew, warmth and sincerity of the Irish people. That that is. What is that is what remains with name. Okay on dad. Not surprising. By the way, we're gonna take a quick commercial break. We'll be right back. We're going to go traveling through the eyes in memory of Kathleen Jarvis around Ireland. This weather report is brought to you by the curious out tourism board. The long range weather forecast for the north Coast to coast calls for snow, sleet, icy rain, slippery roads and a wind chill factor, well below freezing the long range forecast for curious Calls for warm and sunny today warm and sunny tomorrow next month and the months that follow with highs around 86 degrees and lows around 76. Isn't it time to plan your break away and curious out now learn more at curious out dot com that C U R A c e o com.

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