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Bring to you people. From health care, especially now. During the pandemic, and we have AH guest with a lot of experience and a lot of information. I think you're going to find this very worthwhile. He is well new to Health New England, which is a not for profit. Health insurer in Massachusetts and Connecticut. He is now really the wealth. Vice president and chief medical officer. In the old days. We used to call them the medical director. But joining us now to talk about insurance Co Vered and everything else is Dr Ira Klein. Good morning, Dr Klein. Thanks for giving us some time. Thanks for having me on the show. Yeah. No, no problem. It's our pleasure so well, you hit the ground running. I mean, you came Tomo Health doing good last October, shall we say right in the middle of a pandemic. Yes, I was. I don't know if I would say that was a fortuitous time to arrive. But you know, health, New England and the Bay State system had already been up and running and had been making plans to manage the pandemic. Not just from a treatment, perspective and a payment perspective but also getting ready for those vaccines, which just came out and You know? Getting that phase. One done with the health care workers get immunized and then starting on face to where we would look at, you know people over 75 those with some higher risks and It's been an adventure. Yeah, And I know that you actually one point worked with Johnson and Johnson. And that is now the latest. The vaccine that's about It looks like it's just a formality that the FDA will approve that vaccine. And that is the one shot vaccine. And I know people have a lot of questions about the vaccine. We have a doctor on recently, you said. Let's stop getting worried about the numbers in terms of the vaccine. The most important thing is to get one of them. Is that something? Is that something you would agree with Dr Yes, I would totally take at perspective. If you are in line to get a vaccine. I would not worry about whether I was getting a visor vaccine, a modern, a vaccine or a Johnson and Johnson vaccine, So those are the two that are already approved and change a chance and vaccine will probably Be approved in the next few weeks. It does take a few weeks for the Food and Drug Administration to go through all of the clinical trial data, and everyone here in America should be glad about that. But I would agree that Most important thing is to get one in your arm because that's what we need to do to stop the pandemic and by the way that also reduces the chances of war mutations because we have less host In which the virus can replicate. Doctor. I'm certainly no doctor, but I work in health care, but no doctor. And by the way, folks we are talking with Dr I recline. From Health New England He is as of last October's their new vice president and chief medical officer. But I was reading that In order for the virus to mutate. It doesn't do it when it's airborne. It doesn't when it's in a host, and the host is another word for seeing me or you and it gets inside, and that's where the mutation takes place. Is that correct? Yes, that's correct. And I think that's important to note because We have several mechanisms of action of these vaccines that have been designed to, uh, sort of defeat the virus and kill it and depending on the number and types of mutations. Those strategies could be less effective. I think for now we're actually okay. The five during the Moderna vaccines were mostly tested in places that did not have the mutations. Or at least the South African or the Brazilian mutation. I don't think I was mostly in the trial mix. The chance and vaccine did have the South African virus somewhat in the trial mix. So you know we have experience with some of these mutations. And I think What we know right now. We know from the chance and clinical data that With the South African mutation. Nobody died and very few people were hospitalized. So we we know that works. And we think that's true for the five year and the Moderna vaccines as well, So we think right now we're in good shape, but If you think about, you know, trying to defeat a strategy and virus is mutating. You have to understand how the vaccines work. And so the two that are out there the files from the Moderna vaccines there essentially Little pieces of the virus. There those little spike proteins and they cover them with little bit of fat on lipid Cody and coated in lipid, and when you get the vaccine It goes in the body and the body sees this foreign particle and sort of Popes and project. You know, we have white cells, eat it and then present it to the immune part of the body, the lymph cells and then they say, Wait a minute. This is not right. They create an immune response. And that works so we don't want to end it. Too many mutations on that spike protein, the chance and vaccine as well as the ass presented in Oxford Vaccines used viral vectors. They haven't altered adenovirus on By the way. This has worked in Cibola. Um You take the altar virus and it infects the body and makes the body produce despite protein, and so you get an immune response to coronavirus that way. So what if the corona virus does you know some other mutations? Isn't that the more traditional vaccine? I know that when they talked about the Moderna and the Fizer vaccine, as you said, it gives up, you know, really goes after the The little crowns a little on the Corona virus and that these others are more traditional. What we what? With a little bit of a twist in my correct Yes, Totally correct him. Yeah, And then the noble Vax. One just is protein sub unit and the body sees that and makes an immune response. So that's more traditional. Whereas the modern and five sir are new, but they seem to be working. As a matter of fact, the homework amazingly well. The important thing is and I know we have. There are some who are anti vaccine. I had covert 19. Unfortunately in December and spent 10 days in the hospital and I'll be as soon as it's available. This'll is one of the few times in my life. I would like to be a little older, but I'm not don't fit. I don't fit into the to the current phases of distribution, You know, which is that I should really count my blessings, but I will get it. But there are people who are concerned about the vaccine, and I think the message of If you don't get it, you're putting yourself and others at risk. But the second part of this is what you have been talking about. The longer it's out there. We all understand the science of how life always finds a way, you know, and the virus is a living thing, and it always finds a way. To adapt and survive in those mutations are not what we want out there. Right. It's theorized that some of these newer viruses actually came from Humans. Invading the habitat of other creatures for whom they never were part of the ecosystem. So you know those wet markets in China. Possibly had unusual animals taken from a place where Corona viruses were part of that ecosystem. And so we just happened to crash into their their world. And this is how we got right famous stars and you know, some would say some other viruses that are pretty horrible. Yeah, And I mean, it works in the reverse to we crash into their world and we bring what we have. We've seen that throughout history. Um yeah, sure. And and maybe going into a bat cave I other than Batman, you know, not a lot of us are not spending a lot of time in a bad cave. They come out at night. They go after our pests and are bugs and things but You know, going into their habitat. People don't generally do that, Um Because it's creepy. First of all, and second of all, who wants to go in there? We're talking with Dr I recline. Yeah, it is. Doctor. I recline now Chief medical officer and vice President. At Health. New England Health New England based in Springfield, but cock people in Massachusetts and Connecticut that's just my dog pops. I apologize the doctor because doing the show from home, um What's your advice to most people? You know people who have health insurance, no matter what it is, you know if they're on a regular and Suren employer sponsored plan, or through some Through some other group or, you know one of the public options. What? What's your advice to people in this age of covert in their health insurance? I would say understand where you are in the phases. Uh, if your health care worker hopefully you've already had it least one of your two doses of the available vaccines. I know in western Massachusetts Bay State system has done a phenomenal job and getting their staff Immunized as well as the ancillary.

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